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Nothing says holidays better than champagne.

As part of The Wort Hotel’s “Twelve Days of Christmas” series, the hotel hosted the Christmas Sparklers-Master Mixology for the Home Bartender class Wednesday night. Participants got to learn about different types of sparkling wines and taste some fun recipes to bring home this holiday season.

Led by sommelier and The Wort’s Director of Food and Beverage, Alicia Guzman, along with Derrick Beardsley, assistant bar manager, the pair taught us about the right sparkling choices for the right occasions and some great holiday recipes to go along with them.

Some interesting facts and tips that Guzman shared include:
  • Open the bottle carefully, slowly twisting the bottle while you hold the top covered with a serving towel.
  • Each bottle of sparkling wines contains 56,000,000 bubbles.
  • Bottles taste better when stored at cellar temperature and chilled just before storing.
  • In general, sparkling wine goes really well with most food. It brightens your palaate and can hold its own with a meat course.

While we tasted a few options, my favorite was a bonus drink they decided to serve in addition to the ones we were already making. Created by Beardsley, he calls it: Derrick’s Super Special Awesome Drink.

Take a base of 44 huckleberry vodka, add a splash of lemonade and shake over ice. Serve up in a martini glass with a generous splash of Champaign on top.

The Wort’s Christmas class series continues throughout the rest of the month. Check out one of the following classes if you can:

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