Head to Cafe Genevieve to Try Barrel-Aged Drinks, Desserts



The barrel-aged drinks offered at Cafe Genevieve are $10 and worth every penny — the aging process allows the flavors to meld and mellow a bit, and the result is delicious. The garnishes are house-made as well.

Love a good Negroni? Want a great one instead? Try the barrel-aged version currently on the menu at Café Genevieve.

The restaurant’s manager, Sarah Rowe, has been working on offering barrel-aged cocktails since reading about their growing popularity last summer.  In addition to the Negroni, Café Genevieve is currently offering a barrel-aged Manhattan, too.

Aging the pre-mixed drinks in an oak barrel, she said, allows the flavors to meld together and slightly mellows the bitterness of the drink. “It integrates the drinks and adds different notes to these original drinks,” said Rowe.

The current oak barrels Genevieve uses holds about 4 1/2 bottles each and take about a month to properly age the drinks. They have been so popular that Rowe just ordered bigger barrels so she can keep up with the demand.

Up next, she plans to try a Sazerac and something with tequila, but the popular drinks will remain on the menu as well.

After you have enjoyed one of Rowe’s popular drinks, save room for dessert. The restaurant’s new pastry chef, Amy Oldis, formerly of the Snake River Grill and Shooting Star, is now pairing perfect dessert options to go with the restaurant’s menu.

This cornmeal cake was my one of favorites. It is lightly sweet and has amazing flavors.

Standouts include a chocolate moose pie with dried plums and port, crème fresh whipped cream and a wafer crust. This dish is perfect for a chocolate lover who demands a rich dessert.

She is also making a pumpkin coconut mousse, which is dairy and gluten free, but you won’t miss it since it is finished with flattened macaroons and a ginger maple pecan syrup.

My two favorites so far are the cornmeal cake with brown butter and a honey rosemary citrus custard, and the rice fritter with cranberries, raisins and almond.

The desserts here had the same ideas as the simple and flavorful food,” Oldis said.

The pumpkin coconut mousse is a great option, especially if you are gluten or dairy free.







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