Good Gravy


Every moist and beautifully browned turkey needs a good gravy to go with it. Gravy can be made in a vast number of ways and variations. But the following one is my favorite. It has the advantage of tasting good, being relatively low in fat and is also gluten and dairy-free.

After you have removed the turkey in its rack to cool, place the turkey roasting pan on your stove top. Pour an entire bottle of dry red wine into the roasting pan (I like a good Spanish red like Montebuena Rioja or an Arcilla Garnacha). Add several sprigs of fresh rosemary and some freshly ground black pepper. Turn on the burners (you will probably need to use at least two burners) to a medium high heat. Using a spatula, scrape the bottom of the roasting pan as you stir and the wine begins to reduce. Let it reduce to less than half its original volume. Taste, and adjust pepper to taste. You will probably not need salt because the turkey drippings will be salty from the brining process.

Strain the gravy into a gravy separator. Pour from the gravy separator into a gravy boat and serve.

Next up: stuffing. A modified version of Grandmother’s cornbread and sage stuffing is coming soon on Dishing.


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