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Jackson Hole is dog friendly in many, many ways. Many of us have pets, and many of us enjoy the easy access to unleashed and trail heaven for these dogs. But, like us, they, too, need to refuel after hiking.

If you are an experienced dog owner, you know that all dog foods are not created equal. There are many, often inexpensive brands, that use animal byproducts and low-quality fillers. Luckily for all the dog owners in town, there is a place that only sells reputable dog food, which is also all holistic and produced and regulated in the United States and Canada.

Teton Tails is the best place I have found to explore an amazing selection of healthy dog foods in Jackson. Given that we have recently added a new dog to our family (Odin joins his sister Lily), I stopped into the store to find out a little more about what they offer. A well-informed staff is always willing to go over the many options which includes best-sellers like Fromm, Taste of the Wild, and the locally-made brand Mulligan Stew.

The staff will use their extensive knowledge to help you pair your animal, and any stomach or skin issues they have, with the right food. Many of the brands, said manager Alexis Smith, come with frequent buyer programs to make them affordable and also offer guarantees so you can test out the products without making financial mistakes. They are also happy to special order if you need a brand they don’t carry and canned, dry and raw food brands are all available.

These two (below) are certainly happy and healthy with the products, so be sure the check out the store out next time you need food for your dogs. And don’t forget to adopt, not shop! Odin and Lily are both rescue dogs, and Teton Tails even offers a free name tag when you adopt locally. Odin joined us after a brief stay at the Teton County Animal Shelter. And if you own a dog in Jackson, don’t forget to thanks Paws of Jackson Hole for all the amazing resources they provide to dog owners in town, not the least of which are readily available mutt mitts to pick up after them!

Lily and Odin


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