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La Tinga, Mexican Food, Bozeman Dining, Dining Jackson Hole, Dishing Jackson HoleLike any good taco stand, they only take cash at La Tinga in Bozeman, Montana. This policy sort of sets the standard for any good street food. But in this case, the tacos are served in a fairly sleek setting right on Main Street rather than in a cart outside. Don’t let that fool you; it still offers all the elements of good, quick Mexican food. And its almost as inexpensive (a BIG lunch for two was $16).

Though it has nice dining counters and an eat-in bar where you can watch the homemade tortillas being grilled, this hot spot serves up the same kind of quick and delicious food you could get from an authentic roadside stand in Mexico.

You order at the front, where the guy behind the counter will educate you on the simple menu and try to sway the gringos from ordering the super spicy chicken (wisely so, the mild salsa set me on fire).

Options include tacos, burritos, nachos and specials with sides and variations of simple sauces and toppings (avocado, crème, cheese, lettuce).

Not to miss is a glass of the in-house brew of Jamaica tea made with hibiscus flowers. This drink is reputed to help with depression and fill you with antioxidants, but order it simply because its delicious.La Tinga, La Tinga in Bozeman, Dishing Elsewhere, Dining Elsewhere, Dishing Jackson Hole

Being only a short four-hour drive from Jackson, Bozeman is an easy weekend getaway. I have come through here many times and been underwhelmed by the option of upscale restaurants (barring the wine bar Plonk) but quite pleased with the selection of easy and inexpensive food.  the Pickle Barrel has great sandwiches, the Co-op has amazing soups and The Nova Café has healthy breakfasts.

Don’t miss La Tinga next time you are in the area. Open for breakfast and lunch, all the exotic ingredients are brought back from Mexico, where the family cooks go in the off-season. My husband said it’s the best Mexican he’s ever had.

We were there on St. Patrick’s Day, and for their own twist on the green tradition, they dished up our food on green tortillas.

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