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This time of year Jackson Hole feels eerily similar to a ghost town. Parking on Town Square, the lack of tour bus crowds, getting a seat without a reservation, all make you realize that we do in fact live in the middle of Wyoming. While most places either close during this slow time or offer two-for-one dinners, The Kitchen is doing something completely different this mud season.

Shoyu Ramen from The Kitchen
Photo courtesy of Jay Nel-Mcintosh

This spring if you stroll into The Kitchen for dinner you will be pleasantly surprised with a rotating menu inspired by three different countries. From April 13 through today, The Kitchen has been offering their Streets of Tokyo menu. From April 27 to May 8 it will be a South American-centric menu with their Journey to Peru inspired fare and from May 11 to the 29 diners will be treated to an Escape to Greece themed meal.

Mary’s Airline Chicken Breast from The Kitchen
Photo courtesy of Jay Nel-Mcintosh

The idea came about from input from the kitchen staff and the general manager of The Kitchen as well as Fine Dinning’s owner, Gavin Fine. The rotating menus give kitchen staff a chance to showcase their skills as well as provide customers with a unique dinning experience that is different from the standard offseason offerings around town. All menu options, appetizers and entrees are buy one get one for $2, with the least expensive of the two being the discounted item. With the current Japanese menu, you can choose from a selection of homemade ramens, Wagyu steak, and sushi rolls.

Whole Fried Catfish from The Kitchen
Photo courtesy of Jay Nel-Mcintosh

The dessert and drink menus are also themed, with the current menu featuring a trio of Japanese sorbet, a wide variety of sake, Japanese beer, and cocktails to wash it all down. The Peruvian and Grecian menus will be arranged similarly with appetizers, entrees, desserts, and drinks all influenced by their featured countries cuisine. Keep your eye out for a handful of different ceviches and a tres leches dessert for the Peruvian menu as well as a hearty mezze platter and baklava for the Greek-inspired stint. If all this has made you nervous about the next time to indulge in your luxury shrimp, don’t worry. The Kitchen will be launching their summer menu that includes the crowd pleasing appetizer and happy hour staple on June 1.


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