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There are few things as synonymous with Wyoming than a wild buffalo roaming Yellowstone or a heard of elk bugling in the fall. And around town, chefs are crafting their menus with mouth-watering options that harness the authentic Wyoming experience. Locally sourced elk steaks, grilled bison ribeye, or walnut crusted venison? Let the game(s) begin.

Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Co.

The Original Gamers

For 60 years, Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company has provided meat-lovers with open-range, high quality buffalo and elk. A cornerstone of their product is nixing the growth hormones, steroids, and antibiotics, and raising healthy animals, while helping to preserve the ranching traditions of the American West. In short: JH Buffalo Co. knows good meat, from fresh cut Rocky Mountain elk rib chops and elk tenderloin, to buffalo meat filet mignon.

Stop by their storefront and grab a juicy steak or two for a backyard barbecue, or order online and ship a taste of Jackson back home. Bonus tip: The gift baskets are packed with favorites like the Teton Wilderness Salami and are the perfect take-home to top off your trip out West.

Jackson Hole Buffalo Meat Company’s meats are also featured at local restaurants around town. Lotus Organic’s elk biscuits and gravy are made with JH Buffalo Co.’s elk breakfast sausage inside the decadent creamy gravy. Or add the perfectly seasoned sausage to any breakfast entrée.

The Blue Lion Restaurant

If you’re in the mood for a hearty cut of buffalo or elk, look no further than The Blue Lion Restaurant. The team behind this classic Jackson favorite is serving up game that’s been grilled, sautéed, soaked in huckleberry port sauce, or tucked inside homemade ravioli. Double up on your elk intake and start your meal with the grilled wasabi elk filet appetizers. Elk shoulder tenderloin is marinated to perfection with a mix of garlic, fish sauce, and chili sauce, and served rare with a wasabi vinaigrette that gives the meat a delicious kick.

Wild Sage at the Rusty Parrot Lodge

Inside the Rusty Parrot, Wild Sage gives a nod to classic Western-style dining with antlers, rustic interiors, and top-notch game cooked to perfection. Deer meat, known as venison, sometimes gets a bad rap for being tougher than a cut of beef. But, when cooked properly, this lean protein is like cutting through butter. Wild Sage’s walnut-crusted venison chop is the perfect example. The venison is topped with a walnut crust that adds an extra crunch.

Rendezvous Bistro

Jackson Hole Fine Dining Group’s Rendezvous Bistro is known for many must-try items: oysters on the half shell, fried chicken, and the famous Bistro meatloaf. But a highlight of the summer menu is grilled buffalo ribeye. The tender and slightly sweet ribeye is paired with seasonal veggies from the Huidekoper Ranch in Wilson and finished with roasted potatoes cooked in duck fat and herb chimichurri. Finish it off with a big glass of your favorite Syrah, and you’re set.



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