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Ashley Ost, of Buttercream Design Co., is changing the way we think about ordering custom cakes. The online ordering platform is cake shopping made easy, with designs aimed at every family member.

Custom products for celebratory occasions add a memorable touch to any occasion, but when we think custom, we associate the process with a lot of time and discussion.  While that process is still entirely available, Buttercream Design Co. is making it a more efficient process for those who want less of a hassle or are on time crunch. We live in a time when most items can be ordered with the click of a button, and this process is similar to that.

party hat cake

Party Hat cake design

The Buttercream Design Co. online cake collection will soon be divided into three collections: Him, Her and Little. Designs within each category reflect potential recipients or guests of honor. Currently, you can peruse all the designs here. Once a design is selected, the online form enables you to choose your flavor of choice and number of servings. In addition to cakes, other sweets (cupcakes, cookies and French macarons), specialty celebration candles and cake upgrades (fresh floral and sugar plaques) can easily be added to your online order. Cakes can be customized by changes in design color, sprinkle color selections, and more.

sugar plaques

Customize your cake by color and flavor, or by adding sugar plaques and monograms.

As Otis says, “This is really how easy cake shopping can be.” Online orders can be placed a minimum of 72 hours in advance of pickup or local delivery. Requests under this minimum can be placed by phone call to 307-690-8998, but cannot be guaranteed. “Things happen, and some things are last minute. We do our best to accommodate that.” And who knows, shipping orders may even be on the horizon for Buttercream Design Co.

midnight tetons

Midnight Teton Silhouette

The bespoke cakes from Buttercream Design Co. evoke an almost refined whimsy, for all recipients and celebrations. Design and sprinkle color options can employ feminine, masculine or neutral tones. The Teton Silhouette design is the most popular, while one of the newest youth cake designs is the Party Hat cake. As a whole, the designs and textures of these cakes are beautiful and timeless. And because it’s what’s on the inside that counts, there are seven delicious flavors to choose from. Try the most popular, A Reason to Celebrate, which is a moist white cake with fresh raspberries and a champagne buttercream.

bespoke (adjective): made for a particular customer or user

Visit the online site here to see all the delectable flavors and place your order. A custom cake is now just a few clicks away.


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