Five Creative Pasta Dishes to Try This Summer


While we all love a good spaghetti pomodoro, it must be noted that the Italians have come up with a whole lot more than red sauce. Pasta toppings are endlessly creative and delicious, from vibrant green pesto to spicy sausage to fresh summer veggies.  

Whether you’re looking for something new or you just want to avoid getting marinara stains on your shirt, here are five unique pasta dishes to try in Jackson this summer.

Amangani Grill

The Amangani Grill serves up some of the best regional cuisine with outstanding views (Kanye didn’t choose to work on his latest album here for nothing!). Chef Bradley Pryor created the ideal vegetarian pasta for the summer menu — angel hair with smoked garlic, asparagus, artichoke, heirloom tomato, Carapelli olive oil, lemon, pecorino and basil.  Coordinate your dinner around sunset to enjoy this perfect plate of pasta on the sun deck.

Pizzeria Caldera’s pesto, meatballs, and baked ziti pastas.

Pizzeria Caldera

Caldera’s delicious pesto is a twist on the original. They use basil, garlic and olive oil, but substitute sunflower seeds for the traditional pine nuts. With nut allergies affecting more and more people, owners Chris Hansen and Miga Rossetti decided to make the swap so this dish could be friendly for everyone. The result might be more delicious than the typical pine nut pesto, and who doesn’t love a fresh green pesto in the summer?

Glorietta Trattoria

Glorietta has perhaps the best pasta options around, including their perfectly simple spaghetti pomodoro with basil and Parmesan and their campanelle with pesto and fiery chili flakes. But for those of us looking for something a bit more unusual, their ricotta cavatelli with spicy sausage, brown butter and fried sage is an absolute crowd pleaser. The earthy sage perfectly complements the heat of the sausage.

glorietta pasta

At Glorietta’s every plate is as beautiful as it is delicious!


While most head to Dornan’s for the pizza and beer, their many pasta options are not to be skipped. Classics include a marinara and buffalo bolognese, but a creative favorite is the gocce (Italian for “drop,” a stuffed pasta similar to ravioli). Filled with beet and goat cheese, this pasta dish is served with tomatoes, asparagus, and garlic sauteed in alfredo lemon sauce and topped with asiago and basil.  

Gocce at Dornan’s

Trio American Bistro

Trio’s two pasta dishes on the menu currently win our praise for originality and deliciousness. Try the veal linguine with braised veal, mushrooms, snap peas, natural jus, pecorino romano and ricotta. The peas add a perfect pop of green to this rich and creamy linguine. For the vegetarians out there, opt for the summery risotto with charred corn, corn stock, Huidekoper ranch pea shoots and pecorino romano.

Veal Linguine from Trio


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