Figs Offers Full Lebanese Menu



If you have not yet tried the new, full Lebanese menu at Figs (located in Hotel Jackson), get in there while you can still get a table! Once the word spreads about how interesting and delicious the food is, there is bound to be a wait.

The owners, the Darwiche family, are of Lebanese decent and after opening Figs initially with only a few introductory items, this summer they have gone for it and are offering the food that is true to their heart and heritage. They recruited a Lebanese chef (George Rouche) and are offering a variety of traditional dishes including smaller courses (think hummus, mezze, and salads) alongside a selection of tartare, kibbeh and kebabs. While you can order for yourself, if you share you will get to try more things!

At lunch you can order a plate of two choices for $15 or three for $19, so it is a great way to try some new dishes. Look for even more options outside, when Hotel Jackson opens the Branding Iron this summer. There will be Lebanese meats on the grill menu there too. In the meantime, we hope these photos make you as hungry!



See the full menu here:



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