Equality Brew Collaboration Celebrates International Women’s Day


Female brewers representing Snake River Brewing and Roadhouse Brewing Co. will gather at Snake River Brewing on Friday to brew a new beer: Equality Brew, in honor of International Women’s Day. This Friday, March 8, marks the 150th anniversary of Wyoming women’s suffrage. This annual collaboration includes the Wyoming chapter of the Pink Boots Society, an organization “created to assist, inspire and encourage women beer industry professionals to advance their careers through education.”

womens brew day

Last year’s Women’s Brew Day resulted in the tasty Red Sonja Gose.

Previous years have resulted in the crafting of the Red Sonja, a Gose beer, as well as the Moxie mango pale ale. This year’s Equality Brew is a hoppy Belgian wit beer, brewed “in reverence to and continued action toward progress. Last year’s Pink Boots Brew Day garnered participation from 260 breweries spanning 10 countries. Both breweries will have the Equality Brew flowing from their taps in mid-April, at which time $1 from every pint sold will benefit a local, female-empowerment driven nonprofit: Womentum. 
Roadhouse Brewing Co. President and COO Jody Valenta says, “The Pink Boots collaboration brew day was created to celebrate the female spirit in the craft brewing industry, and we partnered with regional female-owned and managed Gooding Farms to source the hops (Idaho Gem) for the beer and recognize women in our sister industry. For all of us participating in the local brew day, it’s a time to recognize how far women in Wyoming have come in the past 150 years, and it’s also a time to plan and activate change for disparities still facing us, like Wyoming’s pay gap, which has women earning 64 cents for every $1 men earn.”
womens brew day

In 2017, collaborators dressed for the occasion with Hawaiian shirts.

Beer enthusiasts are welcome to join and partake in the process throughout the day. Brewing will take place at Snake River Brewing on Friday, March 8. Celebrate women, beer and women in beer while learning more about the craft beer brewing process and industry.
“Snake River Brewing is once again excited to be part of the annual Pink Boots brew day. We’re very proud of our Wyoming roots and Wyoming’s history of strong women. It’s only natural that when we sought inspiration for the Equality Brew, we looked back to the suffragettes of Wyoming, and turned to collaborate with some of our fellow pioneering females in the brewing industry.” said Ariel Korber, marketing director of Snake River Brewing.



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