Eating Healthy — Breaking Down D.O.G.


I’ve visited D.O.G. (Down on Glen) a few times now with the intention of scoping out the healthiest eats. The lovely ladies at Dishing wanted to give me a challenge and boy, did they. My basic conclusion is if you want healthy eats, you better go farther down on Glenwood to Lotus Cafe. D.O.G. is unapologetic about their greasy-spoon attitude, and that is part of why they are so loved.

My personal favorite of theirs is the Philly cheesesteak. Essentially, the cheesesteak is meat and cheese wrapped in the softest, fluffiest white bun you can imagine. Over-consumption could cause an early death, but this little bit of heaven has also been my salvation. Yes, D.O.G. is a lifesaver for a hangover. I’ve even heard 24-year-olds claim that D.O.G.’s breakfast burrito can make a hangover disappear. For the older crowd, the breakfast burrito will definitely help to ease the pain, but don’t count on a full-scale resurrection.

Here are a few lesser-known gems of Down on Glen.

• You can bring in your own organic eggs to be used in your breakfast burrito if you care about that.

• They have an underappreciated veggie burger. Yes, it’s topped with cheese, served on a white bun and made even more delicious with guacamole, but for the person looking to get some green while indulging, it’s a yummy way to go.

• Your healthiest burrito is going to be the RBG breakfast burrito. This tasty treat leaves out the typically fried hash browns, but keeps it flavorful with spicy rice, beans, guacamole, eggs and cheese. With meat or your healthier veggie option, you will get that greasy-spoon fix with half the fat. (This burrito is only at the town location. Sorry, Wilson.)

• Anything you want can be gluten-free by being served in a basket instead of a wrap or bun.

• They make their own turkey chili (also only available at the town location).

I don’t want to lie to you: As I ate the veggie burger, I was fantasizing about the Philly cheesesteak. Luckily, I also found while doing research that D.O.G. in Wilson is only a 35-minute bike ride from my home. With the two locations, town and Wilson, they are probably a nice bike ride from most people’s homes. Isn’t this why we all really live in Jackson anyway? To eat the food you can only justify after a day of activity? You get to bike your butt off and then put it back on with the best breakfast burrito of your life—hash browns, eggs, spicy meat and all.



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