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Our latest column, Eating Anywhere, is aimed at anyone with dietary restrictions who still wants to eat out in Jackson. Each of Kara Hanson’s columns will pick apart one restaurant and tell readers what you can order if you are a vegetarian, dairy-free, allergic to nuts or wheat. She is an expert! As the author of a gluten-free blog, she also has celiac disease. We hope you find this a useful tool; spread around to any friends who have dietary restrictions, and let us know if you have thoughts and suggestions.

As a true Wisconsonite I love beer, cheeseburgers and the Packers. But as a gluten-free foodie, there aren’t many options when you want to go out to a bar to catch a game and grab some food. So far this football season, like many before, I had been settling with wings and wine. (Not always my favorite combo for a noon game, but a gluten-free girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do). Not anymore!

The Bird offers a spot where foodies with allergies can go to grab a gluten-free beer, a good burger (with a bun!) and catch a football game. The Bird is south of town, but worth the trip. It has a very fun, laid-back atmosphere. This place is so fun they even have a statement on their menu (and also posted near the entrance) that “fun suckers” are not allowed. The upbeat atmosphere is reflected in their menu with creative names for all 21 of their burgers, including the “Bushy Beaver,” a veggie burger.

I ordered the “Jack Burger,” a four-ounce burger patty with blue cheese dressing on a gluten-free bun and a side of fries. The bun was the best burger bun I’ve had since I started living gluten-free. I must say that what really topped off my great meal was a New Planet Pale Ale. I was in heaven eating a burger with a bun and enjoying a gluten-free beer while watching my favorite football team. It was one of my favorite food experiences so far in Jackson. All burgers come with a side of hand-cut french fries, lettuce, tomato, onion and house-made pickle. The Bird boasts their fresh ingredients; the only cans they have in-house are of “whoop ass,” and only opened on rare occasions.

At The Bird, there are plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options, like this burger and beer.


Any of the hamburgers can be ordered with a gluten-free bun at no extra charge. All the french fries are hand-cut, but they are fried in oil that may contain gluten. I have eaten them numerous times without any reaction. The wings are dairy- and gluten-free, but like the fries are fried in the same oil as food that may contain gluten. I have ordered the spicy wings (and let me tell you, they are spicy!) and did not have any problems. They offer one type of gluten-free beer, New Planet Pale Ale.


Most of the burgers come with cheese, but for those who don’t want dairy, no problem! There are also a number of sandwich options that are not gluten-free or vegetarian but can be ordered without dairy.


There are no nuts in-house, unless they are used to make the homemade ice cream, which is a great way to finish off a meal.


The “Bushy Beaver” is the only vegetarian burger offered. There are also a number of salad options.

Even if you’re not into football, The Bird is a must stop for foodies with allergies who love a good burger and beer with a view!




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A gluten free foodie with a love for powder, travel and adventure Kära loves to find restaurants that cater to those with food allergies. Originally from Wisconsin, and a true cheese head, she enjoys Packer games and beer, gfree of course. Bread was a staple in her life until she found out she had celiac disease. Now she enjoys the tastes of life wheat free. In her free time she can be found in the mountains hiking, biking or snowboarding. Follow her gluten free finds on her blog

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