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Tis the season for tea. I love wintertime because it means various types of tea makes it’s way back into my kitchen cabinet. There’s nothing better than a hot cup of tea in the morning with a slice of lemon to help me brave the cold and snow.

Having just moved to Jackson, I only knew to buy my tea at Jackson Whole Grocer; I love their vast selection. That was until I caught word of a lady in town, the so-called Dragon Lady, who was making her own organic tea from scratch.  This piqued my interest, so I had to find out for myself. Sure enough, word on the street proved to be true.

Dee Elle Bupp has been concocting, mixing and brewing her own special tea blends for her friends and family for years. The identity Dragon Lady came to be when a friend of hers tattooed a picture of a dragon on her arm and it just stuck, giving her a name for her business. Her tea company was born in 2005 after another friend suggested she start selling her blends at the farmers market. She said it was a smashing success, and the rest is history.

photo-1Since then, Bupp said there has been much evolution, but one thing has always been: a special connection with plants. She feels she is a bridge between people and plants and desires to be the networker bringing the two together through the ritual of tea.

“I connect with the plant world. I hear them. They guide me. It’s pretty cool,” Bupp said.

All of her teas are organic, and she does a lot of growing and crafting for liquid medicines (tinctures and flower essences). Bupp said that each new moon, a tea is born in her kitchen. She feels it is a direct transmission from the plant kingdom designed for one’s evolution that is translated to tea.

Due to her success over the past eight years, Bupp started a tea of the month club, now in its second year. She and her fellow members turn to each other for support when going through rough times in life. The club is a $35 month-to-month investment.

Bupp’s most recent success came in the form of a second place award for her Raven tea in the hot tea class at the North American Tea Championship. This is a bi-annual tea contest assembled by the World Tea Expo.

Bupp is committed to quality and freshness, and strives to offer the most highly vibrating blends possible. Bupp aims to warm the consumer’s heart and encourage you to be exactly who you are. Dragon Lady Tea’s motto is “Drink Tea. Be You. Be Free.”

For more information on Dragon Lady Teas and to order your own blend, visit her website dragonladyteas.com


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