Do You Dessert? Holiday Dessert Options


Often, Thanksgiving is only the kick-off holiday event for more gatherings to come. You may find yourself inundated with invites from friends, family and co-workers to their respective holiday parties. At the end of the day, preparing a homemade dish to pass at each of these events isn’t always feasible; however, purchasing a dessert to bring, is totally guilt-free when you consider the awesome options around Jackson.

Piebunnery pies

The Bunnery boasts an avid selection of cakes, cupcakes and cookies, but they’re the experts at pie. Known for their pumpkin pie during the holiday season, they have everything from fruit pies to cream pies. All the pies boast The Bunnery’s melt-in-your-mouth, flaky crust. The fruit pies are always made with freshly frozen fruit, never canned, and all of the desserts from The Bunnery’s bakery are as beautiful as they are delicious.


For me, once the last slice of pie has been eaten on Thanksgiving, I’m all about chocolate. Where do we go in Jackson for all things chocolate? CocoLove and Artlier Ortega, by renowned chocolatier and pastry chef, Oscar Ortega. The incredible selection of truffles and desserts at either location are a treat for the eyes and taste buds! They’re almost too pretty to eat…almost.


Consider a holiday cake from Buttercream Cake Design Co. for your events. These cakes are meticulously crafted, inside and out. You’ll find a bûche de noël , floral holiday wreath and reindeer among the decoration options. But, as they say, it’s what’s on the inside that truly counts. Select from 10 mouth-wateringly moist holiday cake flavors. Our top three picks: Peppermint Bliss, chocolate toffee crunch and Bailey’s with sweet cream.


persephoneWe can count on Persephone to get into the spirit of every holiday, but they pull out all the stops during December. From a classic bûche de noël to a luscious chocolate bundt cake, ordering holiday desserts is easy as pie on Persephone’s website. It’s hard to bring yourself to decorate a batch of holiday cookies when you see the intricacies of a Persephone holiday cookie. Think classic gingerbread men, chocolate dipped linzers, winter tree cookies, white chocolate dipped chocolate peppermint sables, oatmeal cranberry toffee cookies and Persephone’s gluten-free double chocolate walnut cookies. Their assorted cookie trays can be ordered in small, medium or large sizes, but we suggest you go with the large and treat yourself to the leftovers, if there are any. gingerbread men

Dietary Restrictions

If you or your holiday party companions are looking for sweet treats that are vegan or guilt-free, Lucky’s Market and Jackson Whole Grocer have your back. Both of these locations work hard to craft desserts in their bakeries that keep these restrictions in mind, as well as display dessert products that follow these requests. Thanksgiving week, I spotted a vegan pumpkin pie at Lucky’s that was festive and delicious. Be sure to check out the display tables in both deli areas, the dessert sections of the deli cases and the cold desserts next to the grab-and-go items.



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