Dishing Elsewhere: Patat Spot Indulges Falafel Needs

[threecol_two]Despite the plethora of fine dining, seafood and farm-to-table options, I always make time for a falafel and fries at Patat Spot while I am in Charleston, S.C. This friet and falafel hot spot downtown near the college is structured for a quick and convenient meal. You order at the counter and there are combos that allow you to package a sandwich, fries and a drink for a great deal.

Although the restaurant offers shawarma, salads and an interesting sounding blackbean potato cake, I always get the falafel. On my first visit I made the mistake of ordering the regular size. Let’s face it: I am a hearty eater. I couldn’t come close to finishing it.

So now, I have the system down. Order the junior falafel combo.

The falafel is the easy choice. Next you must choose from a variety of delicious fry options. My favorites so far have been the latino (sprinkled with lime juice and vinegar hot sauce) and the gribiche (olive oil, caper, pickles, shallots and parsley). Next you get to choose a sauce to go with the fries. Options include homemade ketchup, a mayo of the day and my favorite, the spicy Sriracha that is creamy and blended with mayo. Pepper gravy is also a popular choice.

Once you have made your choices at the counter, you patiently wait for the deliciously fresh falafel and peruse the topping bar. This is where things can get interesting. A topping bar offers about 20 items that you can add to your pita to create the best falafel you have ever tasted. On my last visit this spring, I included pickled collards, pickled beets, fiery feta (my favorite), hummus, spinach and carrots. You really must restrain yourself if possible. It is close to impossible not to want to use them all but if you select carefully and build your pita just right it will be full of flavor and not fall apart.

This last time, I dare say, I perfected the process. If I could choose any lunch spot to add to the options in Jackson, it would be this place. Somebody out there, please recreate the perfect falafel bar for us here and model it after Patat Spot.

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