Dishing Elsewhere: Park City’s Talisker on Main is a Foodie’s Delight


I thought Jackson Hole had the best dining scene of any resort town in the country.

After a week down in Park City, Utah, I’m no longer so certain.

My evidence:

1)      Talisker on Main

2)      Talisker on Main

3)      Talisker on Main

This restaurant on Park City’s charming Main Street – and I know I’m only calling it charming because I don’t live there; Park City locals undoubtedly think of it the same way we think of our Town Square – is so good it alone is enough to create a dining scene. I could eat here every night for the rest of my life and be very, very happy.

Since I only had time for one meal there, I had to have everything on the menu. I’m not exaggerating. Every single thing. I had the good fortune to be there – in a cozy cellar-themed back room full of wine – with nine other foodies. Talisker on Main was good enough to portion out entrees. Nearly four hours after walking in, I left having digested no fewer than 13 courses. I’m not including the five desserts we sampled.

My favorite (not including any of the five desserts)? Sous vide duck breast. Because it was being served with an optional side of fois gras that evening, I had to have that as well. Also outstanding? Cauliflower soup.

The fact that all this yumminess was served by the best waitress I’ve ever had the pleasure of dining with in a chic-yet-casual bistro-y atmosphere (light, bright, white and elegant), washed down with fabulous cocktails and well-paired wine made it all the better.

Before this food orgy at Talisker on Main, I had pledged my eternal devotion to High West Distillery, which I still think is very good (and much cheaper than Talisker on Main). But the next time I’m in Park City with an unlimited budget, it’ll be Talisker on Main that I head to.

900 Main St., Park City, 435-608-1300,



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