Dishing And New West KnifeWorks Giveaway


If you follow Dishing, then you know we’ve been doing quite a few giveaways lately. We have an Instagram contest with Bin 22 in which you can win lunch for two. Then, we are giving away $100 to eat at a local restaurant when we reach 1,000 Facebook “likes.” And now, we are excited to introduce our newest giveaway with New West KnifeWorks.

CREDIT: David J Swift

Corey Milligan, the founder of New West, has generously offered to let us give away one of  his stunning cutlery masterpieces in celebration of our 1-year anniversary (if you remember, Snake River Grill did a giveaway for us last month for the same reason!). The idea is simple: We’re asking Facebook users to “like” our page, share this post directly from our page (so we can track who’s participating) and help bring us up to 1,000 likes.

That’s just 99 likes away from where we are right now. Easy enough right?

So help get the Dishing word out, near and far. Jackson has become as much of a foodie destination as an outdoor-adventurer’s destination, and we want to let people everywhere know what we already do.

We asked Corey for some information about the knife we’re giving away, and here’s what we learned:

Which knife are you donating to our lucky winner?
The 5-inch Santoku Chopper, which retails for $149

What can it be used for?
Everything. This is definitely a knife you can use 90 percent of the time in the kitchen.

Why do you love this knife?
The shape and style. The depth between the blade and the handle makes chopping smooth and fluid. It makes you feel like you know what your doing. It inspires confidence.

Any specific inspiration on this particular knife?
Samurai swords and vegetables. Combining the two equates to an awesome stir fry.

Any other attributes you’d like to share?
Not many people carry a kitchen knife when camping. This knife is small and lightweight. Impress your camping companions with a campsite-made meal.


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Jamie is now in her sixth year of what was intended to be a one-year experiment in dramatic lifestyle change from her fast-paced urban New York City to the more laid back rustic Jackson Hole. No question, hiking in the Tetons and tubing the Snake River beats riding the sweltering NYC subway hands down. Plus, her off-season schedule gives her the freedom to indulge her passion for adventure travel and photography…and seeking out exotic, spicy cuisine around the globe. Jamie’s involvement in the food industry began in her high school days when she worked at a popular local bagel shop and it continues with her recent server’s position at the Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse. When she’s not working, you’ll find her at one of the many great Jackson Hole restaurants seeking out spicy cuisine and planning her next trip abroad.

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