Dishes that Deliver Flavor, with a Side of Crunch


The crunch of fallen leaves is growing louder underfoot these days, but what about the satisfying crunch of a delicious bite? We’re talking about dishes with crunch, dishes that burst with flavors and texture. A quiet bite may be polite, but is it as satisfying as one of these dishes? Doubt it.

Veggies with crunch

The tempura vegetables at Hole Bowl have achieved umami. These lightly battered and fried vegetables are served up with ponzu sauce for dipping. This sauce adds a slightly salty flavor to the already tender vegetables encased in crunch.crispy pork belly

Crispy pork

Do you like your bacon soft or well done? Well, the pork belly at Trio is served crispy, and over a bed of sweet corn risotto. This particular meld of flavors is sweet and savory, in addition to being crisp and creamy. If you’re after the whole package, this dish delivers.

Popcorn shrimp

Sudachi is far too classy to have popcorn shrimp adorning the menu, but you’ll love their crispy rock shrimp just as much. Don’t let the nostalgia take you to far off places, because adult you is definitely picking up the tab for the specialty cocktails you washed them down with.frog legs

Wild side

There are chicken and turkey legs, but what about frog legs? We can always count on Gather to deliver when it comes to truly unique flavors. We love the spice and the crunch of their Cajun frog legs. A little meaty, a little wild, this dish will encourage you to walk outside your comfort zone more frequently.egg roll thai me up


There are egg rolls…and then there are the cowabunga rolls at Thai Me Up. Leave it to the masterminds behind Melvin Brewing’s Wu Tang empire to dream up a dish that has simultaneous punches of flavor and texture. These crispy rolls encase red curried coconut cream, mozzarella and pepperoni in an eggroll wrap, and are served with Thai bail marinara. It’s a Thai twist on American pizza flavors.


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Raised in the land of casseroles and deep fried cheese curds, Sam Simma left rural Wisconsin for the mountains of Wyoming in summer 2012. Her appetite for adventure is the only thing that rivals her passion for food. She has always used writing to document and critique her travel and dining experiences. Her warmest memories among family and friends have been associated with the food that was at the center of the occasion. From staging cooking shows with siblings to perfecting turtle brownies with her dad, today Sam enjoys connecting people over food by hosting cookie decorating parties, wine pairing nights, and Midwest-inspired potlucks. A dessert fanatic, she has come to impress friends and family with key lime pies, Oreo bon bons, and Snickers ice cream cakes that are far simpler than they could ever imagine. Shhh! Don’t tell.

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