Delicious Dessert at the Million Dollar Cowboy


I just recently ate at the famous Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse for the first time since I’ve lived in Jackson.

After eating an entire steak to myself, I wasn’t sure I had any more belly room. Being one of those people who doesn’t pass on dessert, I ordered the new Almond Joy sundae.

I couldn’t help but smile as our waiter brought out this monster of deliciousness. Let me outline this delight for you from bottom to top:

  • The most perfectly baked chocolate brownie covered in gooey chocolate sauce.
  • 4 scoops of homemade Coconut ice cream.
  • More amazing gooey chocolate sauce.
  • Fluffy whipped cream.
  • Topped with toasted coconut shavings, candied almonds and whipped cream.

It’s best to share with multiple people, but don’t be too generous, dive in to get a spoonful of everything!  Another awesome bonus?


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