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There’s a new cafe in town: Cultivate Cafe, located inside the Jackson Hole Playhouse building at 135 W Deloney Avenue. The brain child of brother and sister duo Sky and Savanna Garnick, they aim to fill a void in the Jackson Hole food scene for those seeking all things vegan, gluten-free and food allergy friendly.

“Cultivate is exactly what we’re trying to do here. It’s not only about cultivating food, but it’s also about cultivating relationships and we just love that word, which means bringing together or even like tilling of the land. It’s very much about community in all instances, in all the meanings of that word.” -Savanna Garnick

The cafe opened it’s doors last week, impressing early customers with their upscale coffee program and vast selection of juices, smoothies and teas. Tomorrow, June 18, prepare to be further impressed by the unveiling of their breakfast and lunch menus.cultivate cafe

“We’re both vegan,” Savanna shares, “and we both have quite a few food allergies as well. It was hard for us to find a really good place to eat in town.” It took almost a year to bring the idea to fruition inside the Playhouse, owned and operated by their mother, Vicki Garnick.

Sky, a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur, has brought his knowledge gained from high end coffee programs in New York City and Los Angeles to Cultivate Cafe. Sourcing from Snake River Roasting, all of the alternative milks are made in-house. This includes coconut, hemp, almond, oat and pecan milk, with one dairy option available as well. All of the juices and smoothies are made-to-order, and any of the smoothies can be ordered as a smoothie bowl, with a selection of three toppings.

The cafe opened with some of their bakery items: muffins and cookies that are both vegan and gluten-free. Soon, gluten-free and vegan cheesecakes will be added to this selection. The new breakfast menu will include some breakfast basics: breakfast burritos and sandwiches, but will also offer some alternative options. For example, egg scrambles and omelets can instead be made as chickpea omelets or scrambles. There is a chicken and waffle dish on the menu that can be made vegan by substituting fried jackfruit.cultivate cafe

Not only does Cultivate Cafe make all of its bread, bakery items and sauces in house, it strives to source locally and offer only organic items. This vision is carried forward to their lunch menu, which offers numerous bowls bursting with fresh vegetables and flavored with unique sauces. Bowls can be topped with organic chicken, organic jackfruit or local Lockhart Cattle Co. beef. There will be fried buffalo cauliflower and a buffalo chicken sandwich, with the jackfruit option always available as a substitute. We can’t wait to try the potato nachos with vegan cheese!

The siblings are thrilled to bring their idea to life in Jackson, where they were both born and raised. They strive to operate Cultivate Cafe as a source for community, as an establishment that is warm, welcoming and a tribute to Jackson. “We’re cultivating relationships to our bodies and to each other, while creating a relationship to the food that we eat.”

Cultivate Cafe will be open for breakfast and lunch, Tuesday-Sunday from 7:30 a.m.-3 p.m.cultivate cafe


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