Commuter Eats: Victor to Jackson


Many in the working population of Jackson are commuters coming over the mountains and through canyons. On average the commuter spends at least two hours in his or her car daily during crucial eating times, breakfast and dinner. Dishing has reached out to a few of the commuters coming in from Teton Valley, Alpine, and commuters who go through Jackson to get to the parks. We will be showcasing a commuter series each week highlighting quick and easy eats to pick up as you cruise to and from work. This week we follow three commuters who live in Teton Valley and work in Jackson. Check out their favorite spots to grab a meal for the ride.

Tyler Wetzel- Carpenter from Victor who commutes to Jackson four times a week.

I am normally heading over the pass really early in the morning around 5:30. I’ll stop at the gas station in Wilson and pick up a cup of coffee and burrito from D.O.G West. It serves as my breakfast and lunch and warms me up on the below zero freezing days.

While my wife loves to cook, lately we have been doing a lot of take out due to our crazy schedules and not getting home until after 7:30 or 8 p.m. We’re pizza junkies, so I’ll stop into Cutty’s on the way home and grab a pizza or cheesesteaks for fast and easy dinner. It normally turns into her leftover lunch or a cold slice for breakfast.

Jenny McShay- Paraprofessional at Teton County School District who commutes five days a week.

I always stop at Pearl Street Bagels in Wilson on my way over the hill. It’s perfect to fill up on coffee, bagels, and then grabbing a salad for lunch. I’m constantly working with kiddos all day, and sometimes don’t have a chance to run out and grab something to eat. Being able to grab a sandwich or salad to munch on throughout the day is always super great.

Streetfood at the Stagecoach has some of the best tacos I can ask for. I normally call ahead and pick up on my drive to bring home. Their tacos are perfect size so if I start to get hungry as I’m driving west I can eat it on the drive.

Paul Jacobs- Fishing guide who commutes to Jackson 7 days a week in the summer.

My job takes me everywhere from Jackson to the parks and down to Hoback and the Alpine area. When I’m heading over the mountain I’m normally picking up food for both myself and clients. In the morning I’ll stop in to E.Leaven and pick up some coffee and lunches for the river. They have great sandwiches that all my clients rave about.

My schedule changes daily in terms of when I get off the river and can get home to eat dinner. If I’m picking something up I’ll grab either Chinatown, a burger to go from Sidewinders, or Big Hole BBQ once I get to Victor. I’m excited that there is now a Big Hole in Jackson.

Check back weekly to find out some more great spots to stop on your commute.



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