Commuter Eats: Jackson to the North


Many in the working population of Jackson are commuters coming over the mountains, through canyons, and across town to head North to the parks. On average the commuter spends at least two hours in his or her car daily during crucial eating times, breakfast and dinner. Dishing has reached out to a few of the commuters coming in from Teton Valley, Alpine, and commuters who go through Jackson to get to the parks. We will be showcasing a commuter series each week highlighting quick and easy eats to pick up as you cruise to and from work. This week we follow three commuters who pass the Elk Refugee and head North of Jackson for work. Check out their favorite spots to grab a meal for the ride.

Matt Shea- Engineer for the National Park Service, commutes in the summer 5 times a week and winter 3

My wife recently put us on a ‘healthy binge’ at the start of the New Year. Luckily Lotus is on my way to work so I’ll stop in for a smoothie and on occasion a ginger cookie and I’ll be satisfied for the day.dishing

On Friday nights I like to grab a pizza and a nice bottle of wine from Dornan’s. Sometimes I’ll switch it up and pick up some pasta and we will have a date night. dishing

Melissa Dietrch- Summer camp counselor, commutes from Jackson 6 times a week in summer

I’ll stop into Pearl Street Market in the morning and pick up a quick and easy breakfast and then grab a pre-made salad or sandwich for lunch. It’s an easy stop to fuel up for the day and I like that I’m supporting local business and not a chain grocery store.dishing

Mexican food is my weakness. I stop at Merry Piglet’s once a week and will either meet some other friends from work and grab a margarita and dinner or will pick up something to bring home. I don’t mind waiting in the summer because it provides some great people watching!dishing

Ryan Molder- Airport worker who commutes from Victor 4 days a week

Creekside Market for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I like to stop into the market and grab a coffee before I head to work. I’ll see a bunch of my fishing guide friends picking up lunch for their clients that day and I’ll normally grab a sub to bring with me for my lunch break. It’s nice that they are open at 6 a.m. because a lot of places aren’t open that early when I’m heading into work.dishing

Like I said, I could eat Creekside for every meal but I do occasionally change it up. Lately I’ve been grabbing a burger from either Liberty Burger or Local to take home. The milkshakes from Liberty Burger are a great way to end a day working with tourists who are tired and sometimes a little grouchy.dishing



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