Your Coffee Fix with a Twist


Cup of Joe. Morning jolt. Java. Jitter juice. Whatever you call it, if you’re a coffee lover you’re sure to have your go-to for morning, noon or night. But sometimes the same slightly dull hurried cup on your way out the door can’t cut it. Thankfully for all you coffee aficionados, the java is always brewing at a variety of top-notch coffee shops around town, and some have found a few surprising other ways to get you your caffeine fix.

The Newcomer: Nitro Iced Coffee

If you’re a coffee lover, you’ve probably heard of this trending new brew adding some gusto to the coffee world. Nitro cold brew is the brainchild of baristas looking to have easier access to cold brew coffee. The answer: pump that sucker through a draft system and add some nitrogen. The outcome? Creamy, smooth and rich iced cold coffee. The coffee is less acidic and more concentrated, leaving drinkers with an extra coffee kick. No need for cream; this cold brew comes out with a frothy finish almost like a Guinness. Find it around town at Picnic JH and Cowboy Coffee.

Espresso Bon Bons

Coffee For Dessert: Coco Love

Chef Oscar Ortega of Atelier Ortega is a chocolatier mastermind. Each truffle, bon bon, and melt-in-your-mouth gelatos have garnered him accolades across the globe. And inside his dessert boutique, CocoLove, he brings together two of the best combinations: coffee and chocolate. Treat your taste buds to an Espresso Bon Bon with 52 percent cocoa and perfectly roasted espresso in a bite-size chocolate.

Can’t choose between an espresso and a scoop of gelato? Order a Café Affogato: a shot of espresso with a scoop of your gelato flavor of choice. But the team at CocoLove recommends the chocolate or espresso varieties. Espresso ice cream topped off with espresso? Absolutely.

Boozy Coffee

The Italians have it figured out. Nothing is better after a long and delicious meal than a stout espresso or strong coffee. Sure, you could stick to the basics and sip your brew black, but Glorietta Trattoria takes this European custom up a notch by adding a bit of booze. The Once Is Enough cocktail is an after dinner sipper perfect to round out a meal of three cheese casonei or brown butter gnocchi. Vodka and rich coffee are topped off with house Cointreau cream for a luscious, decadent end to your night.

Persephone Bakery & Café has also answered the post-meal coffee tradition with a few adult versions of their own. Cool down with an Iced Irish Coffee. Cold brew and rum are mixed with sweetened condensed milk and chicory bitters for an elevated iced coffee concoction.

Nitro Brewed Coffee

Herbal Coffee: Caffeine-Free

If your coffee obsession is less about the pick-me-up and more about the flavor, Lotus Organic has just what you’re looking for: Teeccino Herbal Coffee. A caffeine-free brew that’s made from a blend of herbs, fruits, and nuts, you’ll forget you’re nixing the caffeine with one sip. Teeccino is perfect for when you need to cut back on your coffee intake or if you just like how coffee tastes. But the wizards behind this new alternative coffee insist it’s no “coffee substitute,” just the herbal version. Lotus serves it up with your steamed milk of choice.


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