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Despite all the time I spent on the slopes this year, I’m coming out of winter feeling bogged down by all those après chicken wings and pizza slices. Lower temperatures and seasonal depression leads most people to eat heavier during the winter months. I turned to Healthy Being Juicery’s cleanse program to get back on track.

With my mind looking forward to summer, it was time my body got on the same wavelength. Luckily, Healthy Being Juicery offers a variety of customizable cleanse and detox programs that cater to your body and lifestyle. I contacted the team members at Healthy Being to help me narrow down my options.healthy being juicery

There are four programs to choose from: a one day reset, just juice, nourish, or the clean-eating challenge. All of the programs are designed to flood the body with vitamins and nutrients necessary to detoxify the digestive system. The one day reset includes one detox water, a ginger wellness shot, two nut milks, and two cold pressed juices. The other three options can be developed into a three or five day series, with the option to add additional days at an added price to the package.

Those who opt for just juice will receive a detox water, four cold pressed juices, and one nut milk daily. The nourish option is a cleanse that includes a little more fiber, healthy fats, and protein, delivered by a daily program of one detox water, two cold pressed juices, one smoothie, one soup, and one nut milk. For a gentler option, the clean-eating challenge can kick start healthy habits with a program that includes one detox water, one cold pressed juice, one soup, one smoothie, and one entrée. This range of options makes it easy for beginners and experienced cleansers to participate.

A novice cleanser myself, I needed some background information from the Healthy Being team before I got started. They pointed me to their website, where there is a link to their online cleanse guide. This guide provides all the necessary information about their cleanse programs, from benefits to side effects, as well as instructions to follow before, during, and after your cleanse.

coldpressed juicerCleansing is an opportunity for your body to release and eliminate stored toxins. It is a time to give your body rest, and time to heal through digestion. Healthy Being’s cleanse guide encourages you to utilize the program to relax and indulge in self-care. A cleanse allows you to become more connected with your body and its relationship to the food you choose to consume.

The team at Healthy Being Juicery caters their cleanse programs to fit your needs. They take into account your taste preferences and activity levels to make recommendations and selections for your cleanse. Then, they will give you the knowledge necessary to be successful in your cleanse. All you have to do is pick up the product.

When I picked up my first day’s juices, it was recommended that I start my day with the detox water and end it with the provided nut milk. By the end of the first day, I was experiencing a headache and some irritability. Sure enough, however, I opened my last jar of the day, the Turmeric Tonic, and it was soothing enough to get me to day two. At the end of day three, I had experienced all of the benefits listed on the Healthy Being cleanse guide.

Skeptical or convinced, now is the time to give it a try. Until June 1st, Healthy Being Juicery is offering discounts on their cleanse programs if you participate with a friend. Do a multi-day cleanse with one friend, and you each receive 10% off the cost of your cleanse. Cleanse with five or more friends, and you each get 20% off.


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