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After having heard friends and clients rave about the food from Unprocessed Kitchen, the staff at Dishing finally got a chance to taste it for ourselves. And what a treat it was.

We hired chef and owner Alicia Brieger to treat our staff at our biannual publishing party. She organized and served a four course dinner that began with a beautiful mezze spread outside on the deck. Once seated inside for dinner, she offered three amazing courses that ended with two desserts, since it was too hard to choose just one.

unprocessed kitchen

If you or your friends and family have any special events this summer, or if you just want to make your life easier during the busy time of year by signing up for her weekly meal delivery service, we highly recommend you try Unprocessed Kitchen. With a training and background in turning naturally healthy ingredients into gourmet meals, Brieger’s food will satisfy you while at the same time won’t weigh you down.

unprocessed kitchen

Her services include full catering, meal delivery (one time or weekly) and even cooking classes. We went with a fully catered meal, and she and her staff did everything, including bringing their own plates and leaving the kitchen probably cleaner than it was to begin with. See some of her seasonal sample menu items here.

unprocessed kitchen   unprocessed kitchen


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