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While Nani’s was a longtime staple restaurant in Jackson, Glorietta has reinvented the space and the menu, and is quickly on its way to being a new favorite. With an entirely updated and redesigned interior, complete with a wood grill and large bar area, you won’t recognize any sign of the past here. And while the menu is still Italian, the accessible choices offer options for snacking, if you want to join friends at the bar, or a full menu of larger plates if you’d rather have a leisurely meal.

Rather than tell you about it, we decided to show you what it is all about. Glorietta hopes to provide locals a place to relax and enjoy one of their specialty cocktails, all named after ski runs. But the food will keep you coming back for more!



Many of Glorietta’s dishes, like these mussels are grilled on a wood fire.


A selection of starters are designed to be shared, so you can enjoy a variety of snacks.


But of course, there are still classics like these meatballs!


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