It is hard to beat the aroma, the taste, and the temptation of a warm, freshly baked cookie. Lucky for us, it is now possible to avoid the mess of making cookie dough at home, but retain the pleasure of baking them and putting them right in your mouth. Sticks and Stones Cookie Company is new to town and they truly take the freshly baked cookie to the next level- a high one. Sticks and Stones sells “take and bake” cookie dough at our local Jackson Hole Farmer’s Market (Town Square, Saturdays, 8 a.m.-noon) and the People’s Market (Snow King ball field, Wednesdays, 4-7 p.m.). Oh, and they add a special plant-based ingredient to their cookies that can help with everything from anxiety to joint pain.

Their secret sauce is Cannabidiol, more commonly known as, CBD. CBD is a chemical found in cannabis plants that work with your endocannabinoid system. If you do some research, you’ll find that there are many THC & CBD Products out there on the market. With there being a number of health benefits when it comes to taking CBD oil, it comes as no surprise to find that this industry continues to grow. Let me explain…before I eat another one of these cookies…cbd cookies

There are two identified cannabinoid receptors, CB1, which focuses primarily on the central nervous system, organs and glands, and CB2, which aids the peripheral nervous and immune system. Science mumbo-jumbo aside, CBD basically blocks “bad” enzymes from getting into these receptors, which in turn helps to lower stress, relieve anxiety and depression, muscle pain, migraines, tension, rheumatoid arthritis, lower blood sugar, decrease plaque from arteries and, the founder’s favorite attribute, it is anti-inflammatory. Unlike its cousin THC, CBD is non-psychoactive and therefore provides relaxation without intoxication. I will eat another now to demonstrate that I remain fully alert. If you’re wanting to save some money on various CBD products so you’re able to test them out and see how you could medically benefit, you may more than likely want to make use of these CBD coupons here.

Li Corn, the mastermind behind Sticks and Stones Cookie Company is no newbie to the baking scene. After graduating with two degrees in baking and pastry arts from the Culinary Institute of America in New York, Corn made her way to Jackson where she worked as a food and beverage manager at the Four Seasons and pastry chef at Persephone. Years later, while watching TV with her husband Jason and eating some of her freshly baked cookies, her husband urged her to not only sell them, but to add the ingredient with the initials that no one knew the name of. Corn took on the CBD challenge, perfected it and now is selling her dough at local markets so that you can indulge at home.

The cookies are made using local eggs and are available in an array of both traditional and unique flavors, including Chocolate Chipper, Snickerwhoodle (white chocolate snickerdoodle), Thick Mints (dark chocolate cookie with mint meltaways, chocolate chips and coffee), Rainbow Trash (milk chocolate almond toffee, coconut, potato chips and rainbow sprinkles) and Bourbon Cowboy (chocolate bourbon cookie filled with pretzels, pecans and butterscotch). For those who ride the gluten-free train, no fret. Sticks and Stones offers multiple gluten-free cookies so that no one feels left behind.cbd cookies

“Everyone loves cookies. They are a reminder of comfort, childhood, carefree living. Everyone wants to feel the best they possibly can. Sticks and Stones combines delicious cookies with the benefits of CBD for the ultimate mind, body and soul healing. Sticks and stones may break your bones but cookies and CBD will always heal you!” Corn says. The dough is sold in resealable packages of 13 cookie dough balls ready to bake from frozen, giving the customer the option to opt for a small treat as opposed to making a baker’s dozen. I tested this hypothesis- and it works.

The CBD used in their cookies is a CBD isolate which is derived from 100 percent hemp grown organically in Colorado. Like medication but oh, so much better, there are options for the cookies to contain 0 milligrams, 10 milligrams or 25 milligrams of CBD per cookie. In addition to cookies, Sticks and Stones also makes homemade CBD tinctures which are made with high MCT coconut oil and can be used both orally and topically. Oils like this can be bought online if you want to get some to help your cooking; just look for the best cbd oil for pain amazon to help manage chronic pain or other ailments. Corn credits the cut of her anxiety medication in half to her use of CBD, saying, “CBD has improved my quality of life tenfold.” So what are you waiting for?


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