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Healthy Ramen

Ramen has gotten a bit of a bad rap, and rightly so. Traditionally, college dorm ramen is designed to survive a nuclear holocaust — it’s full of preservatives, sodium, simple carbs and MSG, and although cheap and easy, it is a decidedly unhealthy food choice. There are, however, alternative ramen choices for the Ski Bum […]

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Ski Bum Kitchen — Eat Salad All Day (without getting sick of it)

My friend’s parents recently came to town. They rented a beautiful house out in Wilson, invited my friend and any of his wanted parties to come join them on their vacation, bought and consumed way too much food and wine, drank, were merry, and then went home. Before they left for the airport, they bequeathed […]

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Ski Bum Kitchen’s Sesame Kale Salad

The following recipe is one of the most easy-to-impress recipes I’ve ever concocted. I came up with it this past summer, and it quickly became my go-to dinner party offering. With raw kale, garlic, almonds, olive oil and sesame oil, it’s definitely a healthy and whole food lifestyle choice, and for some reason, these simple […]

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Ski Bum Kitchen — Beef Stock

Meat stock has long been a staple of the human diet. It’s a constant in the kitchens of peasants and top chefs alike, acting in a thousands-of-years-old partnership with these culinary explorers as a nutritious, flavorful base for soups, sauces and braising liquids. Meat stock fits into the Ski Bum Kitchen pantry list for its […]

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The Ski Bum Kitchen: Pickled Watermelon Rinds

A little while ago now I attend the very fabulous 2012 Taste of Jackson Hole party, held at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s Couloir Restaurant. It was at this soiree that I had the chance to sample a variety of amazing local restaurant menu items and a likewise array of fine wines, and inside of this […]

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The Ski Bum Kitchen’s Homemade Gatorade

It’s a given that living in Jackson entails being some kind of outdoor adventure enthusiast, and as we use our bodies to enjoy our athletic endeavors, it’s important to take care of them in return. For me, the warm season means trail running season is kicking up into high gear. Call me crazy, but running […]

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Talkin’ Jerky

Summertime is fun in the sun time. What better way to fuel your outdoor adventures than with lightweight, pack-friendly, nutrition-dense protein (a.k.a., I’m thinking: buffalo jerky)? As a newbie to Jackson, I’m still in the process of discovering the plethora of local foodie treasures throughout the valley. A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the […]

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Ski Bum Kitchen: The Superfood Power of Chia Seeds

You may remember Chia Pets, those green, fuzzy-looking sprouted plant “pets.” Well, Chia Pets are grown from — you guessed it — chia seeds. But who would have guessed that the seeds of these pop rage plants are actually an ancient Aztec superfood? Chia seeds, or Salvia hispanica, are native to the mint family. They […]

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Ski Bum Kitchen: Find Your Dosha and Feeding It With Power Bars

I recently met with Jackson Hole native Ariel Mann, gold medal-winner of the JH Weekly’s “Best of Jackson Hole” Best Yoga Instructor award and owner of Jackson Hole Wellness. Ariel is an athlete of all seasons, a nutritionist, and a fabulous person. My goal in meeting with her was to score some power-food recipes and […]

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Homemade Kahlua

Ah, the potluck. Classic ski bum dinner material – an affordable and fun way to taste a variety of different foods coming from and enjoyed with you favorite of friends. And you know how it goes — some people bring their most extravagant original dishes, others bring the nachos and salsa. What each guest brings […]

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Kombucha: so you’re drinking mushroom tea?

When people walk into my kitchen and see my kombucha tea cultures sitting on the counter, their reaction is almost unanimously something along the lines of “what the hell is that?” — at which point I excitedly launch into my kombucha spiel, explaining the health benefits of this exciting and delicious beverage. My passionate pitch […]

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A ski bum’s burrito breakfast

You know the drill: With a storm cycle moving in, a zing fills the air as everyone is getting ready for powder. At the end of a dry spell that’s turned us all into groomed-run-skiing-zombies, a palatable relief fills the collective ski town soul with the sight of snow coming in on the horizon. We […]

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Top 10 grocery essentials for any ski bum

Eating well requires effort. It takes time, education and awareness. Even more than that, it takes money, and in my ski bum kitchen, that’s something that’s not an easy find. I’ve been ski bumming for about four years now, and over that tenure, I’ve learned how to fuel my athletic lifestyle on a stingy dime. […]

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