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OYG is Back, Sort Of

Anyone else miss pizza night on Sundays? How about the huge bowl of steaming, rich lasagna? Or even the homemade lemoncello and polenta cookies at the end of the meal. I think anyone who has lived in the valley for more than a couple years misses the Old Yellowstone Garage, or OYG as it was […]

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Lunch Improvisation

Growing up, my mom cooked every dinner. I never really saw her follow a recipe step-by-step. She would glance at one for casual guidelines, but she took pride in creating dishes that weren’t so by-the-book. She was definitely a creative cook. Thanks to my mom, I got the cooking bug. And like her, I’ll occasionally […]

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Italian-ish Black Bean and Kale Soup

Recently, I went to the grocery store without much of a plan. I knew I wanted to make a healthy soup, as we had recently been on vacation and eating more than our normal share of sweets and indulgent food. This unpreparedness can result in one of two results: leaving the store with nothing that […]

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Homemade Snickers

Until recently I purposely didn’t own a candy thermometer. I don’t like to make anything that I have to watch over, measure very precisely and cook technically and perfectly, following a recipe exactly. But, that said, occasionally I am up for a challenge. I sometimes hang out with my friend’s teenager when she is out […]

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Backcountry Delicatessen Cranberry Chutney

This Thanksgiving recipe comes from Backcountry Deli owner David Pepin. Being from New England, the tradition of Thanksgiving is long and memorable. When we developed the Backcountry Deli menu, we knew it was important to include this tradition, right down to the day-after turkey sandwich, which we call The Pilgrim. It has sliced turkey breast, […]

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Wild Sage’s Pork Belly

Who doesn’t love bacon? It’s been a favorite ingredient since the dawn of time. And don’t even get me started on pork belly. To finish off our week of Thanksgiving recipes (we will be back Monday with more), here is a simple recipe for pork belly. Use it just like bacon in any of your […]

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T-Shirt Turkey? Vom Fass says it’s the Secret to Success

This turkey recipe comes from Vom Fass Owner Kim Weiss. Her secret ingredient? Using a t-shirt in the cooking process to ensure her bird stays moist. Don’t you love the holidays? Good food and family. During my childhood, my grandmother and my aunts would literally cook for days to make a meal that would be […]

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Twice-Baked Potatoes with Spinach, Boursin and Smoked Turkey

This time of year, I’d rather not leave the house when I don’t have to. So, it’s time to dig through the cupboards to see what I’ve got and pull together dinner without getting out of my sweatpants! Thankfully, I keep a pretty full pantry and refrigerator. This night, I had a bag of locally […]

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Cioppino Makes Great Birthday Dish

Though I hate making a big deal of my birthday, I love contributing to the fun of others who are up for celebrating. And nothing makes a birthday more special than a special meal. For the recent birthday I was celebrating with a good friend, something special was in order. She was turning her “scary […]

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Creative Kitchen: Sip on Citrusy, Summery Wilsonite Cocktail

This light cocktail has a hint of citrus and is perfect for summer. A proper cocktail set is necessary for the proper preparation of this beverage. In your cocktail set, you should have something that looks like a lopsided hourglass and is open on both sides. The larger side is called a jigger and the […]

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Creative Kitchen: Easy Tiramisu-like Trifle

Tiramisu is a wonderful, rich Italian dessert that incorporates a vast variety of flavors. Here is one take on the sumptuous dish for those who love our Vom Fass liqueurs!               PrintEasy Tiramisu-like Trifle Ingredients2 packages of lady finger cookies or 2 small vanilla pound cakes cut into “finger” […]

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Creative Kitchen: Beautiful, Berry-full Ice Cream Topping

A customer of mine shared this recipe from DeAnne Larrow, Wyoming Outfitter Camp & Chef. I can’t imagine making this over a campfire. But, this is a wonderful way to make your ice cream stand out from the crowd.               PrintBeautiful, Berry-full Ice Cream Topping Ingredients1 ½ cups of […]

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Add a Twist to Pasta Night with Zucchini “Pasta”

This vegetable dish is reminiscent of pasta. It tastes like pasta, but is pure vegetables. I got the idea to try this from a wonderful vegetarian dish I had at Rendezvous Bistro.                   Very easy, and really tasty!   PrintZucchini Pasta Ingredients 2 lbs of zucchini 1 […]

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Omega 3 Rich Cioppino

Jayne Ottman and I came up with this recipe for our last class. It was really yummy, easy, and fast! Perfect for when you have guests over and you don’t want to spend all of your time in the kitchen. You can do all of the prep work before your guests arrive and then prepare […]

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