Cafe Genevieve Hosts the New Best Night Out of the Week


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This place has arrived. I like to go there for the fab brunches but have discovered their cocktails are almost as unforgettable as their happy hour (2-for-1 drinks, $6 appetizers, from 3 to 6:30 p.m. daily).

Two weeks ago I headed there on a Wednesday eve to see my friends in the new bluegrass band, PTO. A bit late for the event, I was expecting a low-key setting — to grab a beer and catch up with some friends while they wrapped up their set.

Wrong. So very, very wrong.

The door to former Jedidiah’s swung open, and I was in the middle of a rockin’ party. It was standing room only in that 102-year-old cabin and as people milled about with their Ranier’s in hand, PTO played AMAZING, authentic bluegrass that would make Mr. Monroe very proud.

People also managed to squeeze some space to dance on the delightfully creaking, original hardwood floors. What I really noticed was the positive

Something to snack on so the drinks don’t go to your head too quickly

vibe that this uncanny venue was putting out. I appreciate the art, the Pig Candy for sale, how the owners that keep their cool while puffy-coated people mill in and about their place. The thing I love the most is the energy of the little cabin, formerly owned by Genevieve Van Vleck, an original councilwoman in the Petticoat Government.

It was fun to see how this cabin transformed into an amped-up house party that you didn’t have to clean up in the morning. I got a $4 whiskey and soda (strong), which totally hit the spot. There’s no doubt that this spot is on the up and up and that its Wednesdays are on their way to rivaling Tuesday nights at The Wort. How could they not with bluegrass literally in your face, drinks and food specials and a mix of cheerful Jacksonites?

Oh, and one can’t forget that this is the place where the Cochan cocktail, was invented.  With pork-inspired drinks sprouting up in recent months, this Woodford Reserve, Cointreau and bacon-laced beverage stands alone with its’ smoothness. I love love love the mix of salty with a touch of sweet, the bacon-rimmed glass, and a perfect ice-to-Bourbon ratio.

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The skinny on Wednesday nights at Café Genevieve:

  • PTO play from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.
  • $6 appetizers along with their full menu are served all night.  Try the Poutin:  Vermont cheddar and chicken gravy on freshly-cut fries.  Ask them for their homemade fry sauce, and you won’t be disappointed.
  • $2 Raniers and $4 whiskey drinks 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.
  • $1 off the Cochan this week only to fans of Dishing.

By Alice Bever

From the eds: We’re trying to amp up our Drink of the Week column. Instead of featuring a drink each week, Dishing wants to feature and drink and get discounts for our readers.


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