Brews and Beans


Local breweries are bringing beans into their brews this winter, coffee beans that is.

At Thai Me Up, Melvin Brewing is pouring a coffee brown ale they call Beerucinno. Head brewer Kirk McHale created the Beerucinno years ago, but this winter’s brew is his second version of the recipe. At 5.5 percent ABV and 25 IBUs, this smooth nitro is delivering coffee flavor without the caffeine buzz. That flavor originates from Cowboy Coffee Co.’s Original Cowboy Blend and Cowboy Columbia Supremo cold press espresso beans. Satisfy your coffee craving any hour of the day with a Beerucinno!

melvin coffee stout

On the West Bank, Roadhouse Brewing Co. is toasting winter with their Dreaded Buzz. This winter marks Dreaded’s Buzz’s second rotation on the Q Roadhouse and Brewing Co. taps. Brewed by Kyle Fleming, it comes in at 6 percent ABV and 45 IBUs. The smaller bubbles inflected by nitrogen carbonation delivers a silkier texture and creamy brown head. This coffee brew is a blend of the Dreaded Beast Stout and Snake River Roasting Company’s cold brew coffee. Uniquely, the coffee element is added to the stout at the tap. The coffee flavors soften the Dreaded Beast’s strong chocolate and roasted malt notes.

Snake River Brewing Company also incorporated Snake River Roasting Company’s cold press coffee in their Speargun Coffee Milk Stout. Also in its second winter, the Speargun Coffee Milk Stout was created by brewer Bryan Boynton. At 4.3 percent ABV and 12 IBUs, this nitro is a velvety palate pleaser. It even brought home a silver medal in the coffee beers category at the North American Beer Awards. This brew was so popular that Snake River Brewing ran out this past week; however, the nitro Zonker Stout they’ve added in its place delivers the same creaminess with chocolate and caramel flavors.

The vast realms of coffee and beer flavors have combined, producing three incredible pairings in our own neighborhood. Gone are the days where we only enjoyed coffee in the morning and beer in the afternoon. Take a walk on the dark side to try one of these seasonal nitros before they disappear with the melting snow.



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