Brew Pub Celebrates Pine’s High Quality Water With New Beer


While we all know we live somewhere pristine and beautiful, you may not be as aware that even the water is better here than almost anywhere else, too. If you live in the Aspens or Teton Pines, you are even better off than the rest of the community. Mike Hoeft, who is the water systems operations specialist for the area says the water is so pure, that no chlorine needs to be added to it from that well at all. In fact, it is so good, it recently won an award from the National Rural Water Association and is officially the nations best tasting water.

To celebrate this recognition, Snake River Brewing Co. worked with Hoeft, who is a long-time mug club member, to celebrate the win. The brewers, who generally use town water, shipped in water from the Pines and created a limited release Rocky Mountain Extra Pale Ale. Called H2OMG, the beer will be on tap at the pub until it is gone. It is a light, very drinkable beer that highlights the clean taste of the water.

Hoeft, who was there to enjoy it the first night it came on tap, said he found it very drinkable. Get in there to try it before it is gone!

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