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We have made it a habit of religiously going to the farmers markets in Jackson every week this summer. Wednesday was the last People’s Market of the season, and this Saturday marks the end of the fun on the Town Square.

Luckily, the Jackson Farmers Market is going out with a bang and offering a full day of festivities. The Community Fall Fest, as it is dubbed, will be held this Saturday, September 22, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Forty vendors will be offering goodies, and businesses around the square will also be featuring their products on the streets around the market for sale.

There will be live music and a harvest lunch from 11 a.m. till 2 p.m. At 2 p.m., all the local nonprofits who are benefiting from this year’s markets will be receiving their checks. Since this is your last chance to get to the market, we are recapping some of our favorite vendors below. Be sure to stock up and thank them for participating so they will be back next year!

The Rosewood Kitchen

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Found on the corner of Cache and Deloney, this dressed-up horse trailer hosts a wood oven and offers breakfast/brunch fare. The offerings will rotate weekly but always include a fresh-fruit yogurt parfait ($5) and bacon on a stick ($2). Upcoming menu items may include chile rellenos, breakfast burritos, homemade sausage and an array of empanadas.

What says summer more than vine-ripened tomatoes? Perhaps, tomato pie. This summertime favorite can be found at the Farmers Market at Baking Soda Jackson Hole’s booth located in the middle of the row on Deloney Street. Alongside other baked goods such as cookies, wild blueberry banana bread and salty caramel bars, these pies sell out first, so get there before you miss out! Made with Wyomatoes, cheese, fresh basil and a beautiful homemade crust, the pies sell for $20. For an additional $6, you can add homemade chorizo to the pie.

Baking Soda's Tomato Pie
Baking Soda’s Tomato Pie
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Baking Soda’s baker, Spencer Hirst, sells his goods every Saturday on the Town Square.


You want peas? Come here. The sweetest potatoes around? This farm stand can hook you up. And my new favorite of their offerings? The roasted corn smothered in mayonnaise, cheese and lime spices, being served on a stick. Bringing almost everything over from the extensive (and sustainable and community-oriented) 18-acre farm in Blackfoot, Idaho, farmer Richard Johnson and his family will fill your bags with what’s fresh every week. Harvesting now are strawberries, carrots, beets, cabbage, lettuce, potatoes (reds and specialty), green onions, pearl onions, Washington cherries, Oregon blueberries, Idaho apricots, shell peas, sugar snap peas, snow peas, Swiss chard, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower and jam.

Another bonus: They will allow you to pre-order in large quantities, so when your favorite pickling vegetables are ready for harvesting, load up.

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22 BBQ

All lovers of southern-style smoked BBQ are in luck. Georgia native Jimmy Fraser is bringing a bit of the South to the Town Square every Saturday morning at the Jackson Hole Farmers Market. Fraser, who has lived in Jackson for the last four years, missed the slow-smoked BBQ he could get back home. So, what is an innovative man to do? Buy a Lang smoker and make it himself! He brings this off-set smoker to the market and offers pulled pork (smoked for at least 14 hours and cooked with an oak/applewood blend) and smoked chicken. He also has developed a spicy and regular BBQ sauce.

In addition to the pulled pork, chicken and sauces, at the 22 BBQ booth you can also buy sandwiches and sliders. The favorite seems to be the pulled-pork Cubans that Fraser grills and tops with mustard and pickles. They sell for $8.

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POP: Fine Artisan Popcorn

One of the coolest new additions to the Jackson Hole Farmers Market and the People’s Market this year is POP: Fine Artisan Popcorn.

Longtime valley resident Mike Daus said the business sprung from a desire to undertake an entrepreneurial endeavor. And we are glad he did! Each week, Daus sells his artisan popcorn Saturday mornings on the Town Square.

Daus sources the finest popping kernels and pops on site at his Teton Village home in a theatre-style popper (cottage food laws allow him to do so). He then adds his different artisan flavorings; his standards include Cowboy Caramel, Grand Teton Theatre Style and Outlaw Cheddar. But sometimes he may bring different ones such as bacon caramel, truffle oil or glazed doughnut.

Daus said two things set his popcorn apart. First, he uses a mix of “mushroom” and “butterfly” kernels, which adds to a combination of textures. Then, he sources some of the finest flavorings around (where he finds those is a “carefully guarded secret”).

“It’s the secret sauce that makes it so special,” he said.

In addition to the market, Daus takes orders for special events. And at Dishing, we’ll probably turn to him for the holidays, too.



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Morgan’s Gourmet Garlic Farm


This family owned and run farm in Idaho produces 17,000 bulbs of garlic a season! This year, Morgan’s is offering 15 different varieties, including Spanish Rojo (true garlic flavor), Romanina Red (hot and pungent) and Porcelain Continental (mild flavor). Just ask, and Mick Morgan, who has been growing garlic for 20 years, will tell you which bulbs you can roast and which you can eat raw.

Because they cure the garlic for three weeks after it is picked, the garlic is easy to peel. I like to buy a bunch, roast them and store the cloves in oil. If stored correctly in a dark, dry place, garlic bulbs will stay fresh for up to eight months (again, just ask, and they will tell you how to do it). Look for about 10 varieties at the Farmers Market this weekend.

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Haderlie Farms from Thayne, Wyoming


Offering up to 15 varieties of flowers, this is the go-to stand for beautiful sunflowers, lilies, delphinium, snapdragons and more.

Haderlie Farms also offers large varieties of squash and zucchini, broccoli and potatoes. Alongside the vegetables, you will find local honey and homemade kombucha. The farm also raises and sells pork, beef, lamb and chicken. Another favorite at this booth if you get there early? Squash blossoms!

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Just About Sweets

After you’ve loaded up on fruits and veggies at this week’s Farmers Market, make a stop at Judy Westgard’s booth, Just about Sweets.


There, you can choose from five varieties of cake pops, sold for just $2 each (or six for $10).

What is a cake pop, exactly? They are little balls of cooked cake that are crumbled and mixed with frosting. Then, they are given a chocolate or candy coating. They’re like little bursts of cake without the commitment of a slice.

This is Westgard’s second summer selling at the Jackson Hole Farmers Market (you can also place special orders through Facebook or by calling 307-413-6487).

She fell into the business after making cake pops for a Relay for Life fundraiser. “One thing led to another, and now I am making thousands,” Westgard said.

Just about Sweets always offers red velvet, vanilla and chocolate chip cake pops weekly. The other two flavors rotate. Those can range from toffee crunch to coconut to pumpkin to lemon.

“They’re a fun thing for parties and for kids’ birthdays,” Westgard said. “My clientele is generally 4- and 5-year-olds.”


Teton View Lavender Farm

Husband and wife team Tom and Linda Howell first got addicted to lavender when Tom lived in Provence, France. Now residing near the Snake River in Idaho, the couple grow more than 2,500 plants of many different varieties of lavender. Offering culinary and hybrid versions of the plant, they make soaps, spices, salts, scrubs and honeys. Like the old school version, grab some to stick in a vase and add a lovely scent to your home.

The pair, often donning the color themselves, are at the market each Saturday. Their farm in Saint Anthony is also open to the public through the end of September. Find out more here.

Teton View Lavender Farms offers a variety of lavender goods.
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Husband and wife team Tom and Linda Howell 

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