The Beer Brewer: Wyoming Breweries Band Forces for WY-P-A


wind river brewing, craft beer, home beer, wy-p-a, snake river brewery, dishing jh, jackson dishingWelcome to Dishing’s newest columnist, Cameron Hieronymous. He’s known around here as The Beer Brewer. 

About Hieronymus:
He was born and raised in central Illinois and moved to Jackson in the spring of 2011. He has been a home-brewer for six years and is now employed as a professional brewer by Snake River Brewing.

“I am a student of all things beer,” he said. “You name it. If it involves beer, it captivates my attention.”

Hieronymus plans to be your guide to “all things beer” in the greater Jackson area. He will be covering new beer releases, beer fests and any general observations he has about the beer scene.

Take it away, Hieronymus!


This being my first post, I thought it fitting to talk about a first in Wyoming brewing history.

In late April, all 14 operating breweries in Wyoming came together for the first of what’s expected to be an annual creation: the Wyoming collaborative brew, Wyoming’s first state beer.

Representatives from across the state made the trip to Wind River Brewing in Pinedale. Each participating brewery brought raw materials (hops and malt) to throw in to the beer that we all made together, making it truly a “statewide” beer.

The pre-brewing party the night before consisted of recipe finalization, hop selection, live music and a copious amount of beer drinking.

The brewing took place the following day (Advil provided by our kind hosts).

WY-P-A was the chosen style for this brew. Think India Pale Ale, but bigger!

Only 20 barrels, the equivalent of 40 kegs, of this beer have been made, with kegs going to each brewery and the rest to be poured at beer events across the state.

This WY-P-A was tapped at each of the breweries Monday to celebrate Craft Beer Week. Try a pint at Snake River Brewery.


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