Beat the Heat With Cool Treats and Sweets


Jackson’s beautiful weather and environment is reputable, but man it’s starting to get hot out there. It definitely doesn’t compare to the Georgia heat I grew up in, but it’s proving that our cool summer nights that we experienced last month are gone for at least a little while.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely enjoyed swapping my ski pants for a bathing suit and my boots for flip-flops, but it doesn’t change the temperature outside.  What really helps to beat the heat on a hot, summer day is a cold, creamy, sweet treat. Yes, I may be blaming the summer heat for my sweet tooth rearing its ugly head, but hey, it’s a fun and delicious excuse.

With all the fun outdoor activities there are to do in Jackson, a cool down after is a must. A long day of hiking and biking in the Tetons warrants a treat, no doubt about that. Here are some of the hottest spots to grab a cool treat.

moosHiking Snow King is great because you can get a workout in in a timely manner. After, just walk the short distance into town and you have so many options for eats and treats. Moo’s Gourmet Ice Cream, located in the Town Square, is the place to go for ice cream and milkshakes. Their flavor list is the longest one I have ever seen, so there is a flavor to please everyone. If you’re into the less-is-more philosophy, try a scoop or two with just a single flavor, such as the fan-favorite huckleberry, chocolate, Bing cherry, fresh peach, fresh strawberry or chai tea. If you’re adventurous with your flavor preferences, combinations such as Kauai (white chocolate macadamia, coconut and lime zest), chocolate cinnamon almond toffee crunch, or spiced rum banana coconut sorbet.  Enjoy your scoop(s) in a sugar or cake covered cone, or a waffle cone, ranging from $2.50-$5.80. The best thing about Moo’s is that it’s called gourmet for a reason. They offer only all natural, organic ice creams and sorbets, with 99 percent organic fruit and 1 percent cane sugar. They are also diabetic and dietetic friendly.


If you’re craving a cool treat, but want something a bit sweeter and a bit icier, Pica’s is the place for you. I know you are probably thinking, ‘Pica’s? A Mexican place?’ Well, yes and no. On the lawn out front of Pica’s is the Los Tres Bradas shaved ice cart. Pica’s owner, Andy Parazette, hired his sons, Oliver and Noah, to run it. The two sons told me that they have a family friend in Sun Valley that makes slushies, and felt that Jackson was missing that. So the family called up their friend in Hawaii to find out what they needed, then researched and purchased their supplies off of the internet. Their shaved ice business has been up and running for three weeks, and is solely operated by Oliver, Noah, and their friends who rotate helping out. Their flavors include: coconut, mango, cherry, passion fruit, banana and li-hing-mui, a native flavor to Hawaii. Choose a single flavor or mix and match. They come in two sizes: the average joe is 6 ounces and costs $3, and the hulk is a whopping 32 ounces, costing $6. Add a snow-cap for extra sweetness for only $.50.

generalstoreIf you are in Teton Village, hiking around the resort, horseback riding, or enjoying a concert on the commons, The General Store, at the base of the tram, has many sweet treat options to cool you off. Sourced by Reed’s Dairy in Idaho, the general store has ice cream, milkshakes, sorbet and cold coffee drinks. The general store allows you to enjoy products, from coffee to ice cream, in only 30 minutes. Popular ice cream and milkshake flavors include huckleberry and banana caramel ice cream. Enjoy them in sugar, cake or waffle cones for $5.50-$6.50. They also have sorbets if you are looking to indulge in something a bit fruitier, they have fresh fruit-and only fruit-sorbets. The most popular one is the Tango Mango, with mango, yogurt, honey, ginger and pineapple juice. If you need a little pick me up, grab an iced latte or a caramel macchiato.

All of the items are great options for sweet summer treats. Check out recipes on our website for other treats you can make at home to help stay cool and beat the summer heat.


And if you didn’t already know, it’s National Ice Cream Month! The Rec Center sun deck is hosting a celebration this Thursday from 5:30-6:30 p.m. Enjoy Haagen Dazs and Moo’s Gourmet Ice Cream until it’s gone!



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