Ask For It — Q’s Mac and Cheese


When putting our first edition of Dishing together, we asked for a few favorite recipes from restaurant’s around town (a la RSVP from Bon Appetit, my favorite food column). We couldn’t decided from the Bistro’s or the Q’s mac and cheese. Both are good, but very different. We’ve gotten feedback from many readers who have been excited to enjoy the Bistro’s version, which we ultimately chose. But since we asked for both, we decided why not share the Q’s version here. Hope you enjoy this one just as much. The recipe is not downsized from the restaurant portion but since its so good, just have a party or enjoy a lot of it!


  • ¾ lb flour
  • ½ pound butter
  • 2 quart milk
  • 1 quart buttermilk
  • 1 quart half and half
  • 3.5 pounds tillamook Cheddar
  • 1 pound cabot white cheddar
  • 4 pounds mac
  • ½ teaspoon ground pepper
  • 2 ounces salt
  • 1 quart heavy cream
  • 3 tablespoons ground mustard


  • Melt butter
  • Add flour
  • Cook 4-5 minutes
  • Add liquid and dry spice
  • Boil 10 min
  • Add cheese
  • Blend smooth
  • Add pasta

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