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A few restaurants in Jackson are supporting the work of local artists by displaying them on a monthly basis. The dining experience, as a whole, is a feast for the all senses, in addition to taste. These locations are highlighting that experience and our local creative community by showcasing rotating art pieces on their walls.

cowboy coffee art

Cowboy Coffee

Cowboy Coffee displays art on a monthly basis. Most recently, January featured the work of young local photographer Isaac Spicz. One featured photograph was his shot “Battle of the Bulls,” which hangs in the Smithsonian Museum for Spicz’s receipt of Youth Photographer of the Year. Contact Cowboy Coffee online for art submissions.

Isaac Spicz’s shot “Battle of the Bulls”

Snake River Brewing

The Brew Pub is a great opportunity for artists to display art of differing mediums. At the moment, the wait list is about a year out. Each artist gets to display their art at the pub for two months. The artist is responsible for hanging and taking down their pieces. Snake River Brewing plays no role in the sale of the art, but they keep business cards at the host stand so patrons interested in purchasing art can contact the artist directly. To get on the list, artists can contact the Brew Pub, let them know the medium they work with and wait patiently for their turn. Soon, they will be adding an artist submission form to their website. In the meantime, call the pub at 307-739-2337 for more information.

Pearl Street Bagels

For the patient local artist, Pearl Street Bagels also has a list that’s currently one year-18 months out. But if you’re going to be in Jackson for the foreseeable future, you can email samples of your work to Upon receiving these samples, the Pearl Street Bagels team will determine if the art fits their bagel shop vibes, and then work with the artist to determine a time slot that works for them. The art is displayed from the 15th of one month to the 15th of the following month. Artists must be available to hang and take down their work in the afternoons of those days. Pearl Street Bagels does not take a commission on sales, but make artists’ contact information available to customers for direct contact. pearl street bagels art

The Kitchen

The art initiative at The Kitchen is new this winter.

“We are introducing a featured artist of the month at The Kitchen to encourage the collision of different art forms: the culinary and visual arts, while also providing local artists a free venue to showcase their talents and, perhaps, sell some of their pieces.” ~Owner Gavin Fine

Originally intended to run through April, it’s likely that the success of this new showcase will continue through the summer. Featured artists will have pieces hung on three walls of the restaurant. Artist contact information will be provided to inquiring guests. Interested artists can send information about the pieces they’d like to showcase to manager Javier Dominguez Gutierrez at Today, February 13, is the deadline for submissions to be considered for March artist of the month. March 14 is the submission deadline for April.


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