Teton Village Hosts a Plethora of Options for Apres-ski


The Village Cafe, The VC, Trendy Bitch, Crown Royal, Dining in Jackson Hole, Restaurants in Jackson Hole, Jackson Hole Dining, Drinks, Drink of the Week, Dishing Magazine, Dishing Jackson HoleIt was suggested that I do an overview of mountain hangouts. This idea required extensive research and interviewing regarding the personalities of the establishments that make a great day of skiing perfect.

The following is a highly scientific, comprehensive and easily debatable list:

Mangy Moose: The Mangy Moose is a convergence of elements for the perfect après, according to many of my sources. Locals, 90-day wonders and tourists collide in harmony for music, drinks and appetizers in an uber-friendly atmosphere.

Nick Wilson’s: Nick Wilson’s fun atmosphere attracts new skule mountain employees and friendly tourists. If you like loud music, socializing outdoors (I love the ice bars) and cozying up with bearded strangers from Georgia, this is your place.

Osteria: Streamlined après Italian-style is Osteria’s M.O. Gourmet pizza paired with wine attracts locals in the 30-ish range who are looking for class when they come off of the slopes (they serve cocktails as well).

Cascade: This bar/restaurant located in Teton Mountain Lodge has made its name from the signature nachos and margaritas it serves by the dozens, especially for the weekend crowd. Cascade is great during the football season or when you want to bring a lot of friends together in one place.

The Apenhof: People love the Alp for their German beers and fondue. Come here and rub elbows with old skule ski schoolers and European tourists with good senses of humor.

The Lounge at the Four Seasons: If the late-season crunch has you coveting the vacation feel, head up to this slopeside paradise. Sit in the sun, warm youreself by the fire or go inside and experience plush décor and live music (three nights a week). Grab the best sushi on the mountain, sip on a beer and call it a night.

The VC (Village Cafe): This is where you want to go when you want to be part of something chill and cheerful. It’s a big plus if your name is known by the bartender. If not, go down those stairs with someone whose name is being called by someone behind the bar. Locals love this cavern that beckons comfort without thinning the wallet. If you are feeling lucky, try your luck with a shake of the dice while you sip your tall boy with the ski patrollers who just finished keeping you safe. One of the main highlights of this bar hosting our drink of the week is that it has fantastic pizza which always features a creative slice of the day. I love how the sun streams in on the wooden tables, begging the shotski to be put to use.

Drink of the week:
The Trendy B@#$& is not for amateurs. A few sips of this Crown Royal-based beverage will have you whizzing back on the slopes and heading straight to happy town. The hefty pour of Crown over ice is topped with Red Bull and a splash of orange soda. Tart, sweet, and strong and delish.

The Village Cafe, The VC, Dining Jackson Hole, Restaurants in Jackson Hole, Apres Ski Jackson Hole, Crown Royal


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