Après Ski of the Week: The Alpenhof


We have written this series for the past couple weeks, and I will admit, I have been feeling a little guilty. It is hard to write a spot on après in the village and not mention the Alpenhof right off the bat. Après translates to “after” or “coming in time,” hence après ski being synonymous with stomach warming food, face warming beverages, and soul warming atmosphere. We have been on the hunt to find the best options for a post powder fest, of which, the Alpenhof is always on the top of our list.

When you walk into the Alpenhof you will usually be greeted by the sounds of polka music booming from the rafters. The traditional structure (one of the oldest in Teton Village) is steeped with tradition and years of post skiing festivities, ingrained into their checkered table clothes and wooden bar. Starting a 4 p.m. they offer some great après options, including a burger, wings and two different kinds of soup and salad for very reasonable prices. While these are all great options to fill your belly after a full day, the king of après food awaits the most voracious of skiers.

Alpenhof Raclette

Photo by Jay Nel-McIntosh

Fondue is about as traditional as you can get. A hot pot of molten cheese served with bread and apples (and bratwurst if you are into that) come melted and ready for your dipping pleasure. Do note that fondue at the Alpenhof is only served until 4 and after 6 p.m. so it is best to show up early or later for dinner if melted cheese and belly warming grub is your thing. It is not the most inexpensive thing on their menu by any means, but it can easily fill up two to three hearty diners or a full table of post skiing snackers. If the price of food has you down, their drink and entertainment options are a great value option. They serve up $3 pints of the day of some great European beers as well as a live polka band on Sundays and disco night on Saturday evenings. If you find yourself there on a regular basis be sure to inquire about their mug club as well. Few spots in the village offer the same atmosphere and ambience as the Hoff after a long day on the slopes.



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