Apres at Home


It’s all too familiar: You walk into your house after a boot-pack up Glory or a long day at the resort. The sun is setting, you need to hang your gear to dry, take a shower and, most importantly, eat something. But you’re exhausted, or at the very least, too tired to whip up a spontaneous four-course meal. For me, it is days like this when I am most lazy and gluttonous about my cooking and my eating. It’s a time for a wings and a beer at the bar, fried chicken strips from the grocery store (unfortunate truth), or, when I’m at my best, a healthy, albeit costly, restaurant meal. Here’s a better option:

On your way home from a long day of outdoor activity:

  • Call the Calico Restaurant (733-2460) and put in an order for a ball or two of pizza dough. One ball for $4 gets you a medium/large pizza crust — depending on your tossing skills. Calico also sells inexpensive wines by the bottle to go as well.

**Pizza dough can also be purchased from the frozen aisle at the Whole Grocer, or give it a whirl with naan or other prepared flatbread from your favorite grocery store**

  • Stop in at the Aspens Market. Peruse their well-stocked aisles and prepared foods counter. Make sure you leave with:
    • A base for your pizza. I like picking up some spicy marinara as well as a pesto and combining the two.
    • Cheese! Pre-shredded is helpful here but not necessary. Look for cheese that melts easily such as mozzarella or fontina for coverage and another, such as goat, blue, parmesan or ricotta for flavor and variety.
    • Toppings that require little chopping or cooking. I often lean toward their grilled chicken breasts or thinly sliced prosciutto, some olives or marinated artichokes, and a carton of the pre-sliced mushrooms.
    • Don’t forget to stop in next store for some libations to accompany your pizza!

Once home:

  • Crank that oven up to 500 F.
  • Pour yourself a drink, and hit the shower while your house warms from the heat of your oven.
  • Adorn your pizza with the toppings you selected, pop it in the oven until the cheese is bubbly and the crust is brown. Voile![/threecol_two] [threecol_one_last]

    The making of a great at home apres meal.

    Prosciutto, Mushroom, Roasted pepper and Blue Cheese Pizza in the works

    Let’s eat!


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Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Molly learned two things about life: that she didn’t want to spend the rest of it in a city, and that she couldn’t live without diverse, vibrant and delicious food within an arms reach. So, she started cooking. A lot. Then she moved to the mountains. A Jackson resident for 5 years now, Molly is continuing to learn to balance a life of playing in the outdoors, owning multiple pets, growing her own food, working the 8-5 office job and cooking up a storm. She loves toast, campfires, being underwater, fresh tomatoes, Patsy Cline, playing in her garden and capturing every last bit of each seasons.

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