An Ode To Oktoberfest


This past weekend, the festival of every food and beer-lover’s carb-loaded dreams kicked off in Munich: Oktoberfest. The beer is the star of this annual celebration, but the food is not playing second fiddle. The 16 day-long party of all-things-Bavarian is a foodie bucket list — especially since pretzels and brats top off the must-have lists — but if you can’t make it to Germany for a stein or four, you can at least munch on some fall festival favorites around town, and wash it down with a Märzen lager. Get your Frankfurt and schnitzel fix!


Alpenrose at Alpenhof Lodge

Teeming in Austrian-Bavarian heritage, the Alpenhof Lodge is steeped in the traditional lifestyle and décor of the German alpinists. But to really dive into the cultural traditions, look no further than the Alpenrose Restaurant at the lodge. Strudels, schnitzels, bratwurst, and more round out this authentically Bavarian hotspot. But to kick off an Oktoberfest celebration, look no further than the Bayerische Platte. Meant for two, this loaded lunch comes with two warm house made pretzels, veal bratwurst, pickles, and dips galore. The curry nurnberger mustard is a pretzel’s best friend, but the spicy tomato chutney is not far behind.

Persephone Bakery & Café

Move over, pork chops. We are hankering for a perfectly thin and crisp schnitzel. Persephone Café & Bakery puts their spin on a classic schnitzel, by serving it up between a hearty baguette. The Schnitzelwich is loaded with house made sauerkraut, cherry pepper, pickles, and finished with a perfectly tangy dijoinaise.

Sidewinders American Grill

Okay, the famous “S” pretzel at Sidewinders  is in a category all its own for Oktoberfest munchies, but we are here to talk about the Reuben. The Reuben is an American-born sandwich that combines flavor-packed traditions from a variety of cultures: Irish corned beef, Russian dressing, Swiss cheese. …. you get the idea. But what ties it all together is the German sauerkraut. At Sidewinders, the Reuben is loaded with the fermented cabbage goodness and tangy dressing. Choose corned beef or turkey, and order up a hearty stout.

Apple turnover

The Bunnery Bakery & Restaurant

German cuisine isn’t all brats and kraut. To celebrate the sweeter side of Bavarian cuisine, head to The Bunnery for a flaky, sweet apple turnover, or Apfeltasche in German. Similar to a strudel, the turnover is typically made with layered, buttery phyllo dough.  Sugar, cinnamon, and tart apples are filled to the brim inside a flaky, not overly sweet, pastry. The perfect combination. Start your day with the decadent pastry or satisfy your sweet tooth for dessert.


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