Adults: Drink Your Dessert


Nothing wraps up the perfect meal like a dessert or after dinner cocktail. What if you combined the two? Whether you’re finishing dinner with something sweet or stopping in just for some liquid dessert, we got the scoop on the best dessert cocktails in Jackson.

Gather has a take on a Colorado Bulldog they call the Best Damn Bulldog. The original Colorado Bulldog is a White Russian with a splash of Coke on top. Instead, Gather’s cocktail is vodka, Kahlua, and chocolate cream, topped with the Best Damn Root Beer. Consider this drink to be your adult root beer float.

glorietta dessert cocktail

Glorietta’s “Once is Enough”

Glorietta’s dessert cocktail is called Once is Enough, and is a twist on the classic White Russian. It’s a layered cocktail served in a chilled coupe with vodka and Kahlua on the bottom, and Cointreau Cream spooned on the top. They finish it off with an orange twist for garnish. The flavors in this cocktail are delicate and delicious.

Hatch’s after dinner cocktail, Our Thyme is Limited, will warm you up from the inside with flavors of whiskey and peach. The drink combines Knob Creek with peach thyme shrub, Disaronno, and a Luxardo cherry.

dessert cocktail

Hatch’s “Our Thyme is Limited”

Hayden’s Post has recently created three new dessert cocktails. The Swiss Landslide includes Godiva chocolate, Kahlua, and Bailey’s. The Barista Martini features Patron XO Café, Frangelico, and Crème de Cacao. Our favorite is the Crème Brulee Martini. Light, sweet, and toting the familiar flavors of a classic crème brulee dessert, all in a sugar rimmed martini glass. The flavors here come from coconut cream, whipping cream, vodka, Frangelico, and Buttershots. The sugar rim’s crunch adds an additional dimension to the cocktail that is reminiscent of crème brulee’s caramelized sugar topping.

dessert cocktail

The Crème Brulee Martini at Hayden’s Post

Liberty Burger’s adult milkshakes will cool you down even on the hottest summer days. These milkshakes are combining your favorite dessert flavors with Liberty Burger’s rich and creamy custard. There’s an Orange Julius and Mudslide, as well as The Lebowski, with Patron XO Café and a sprinkle of coffee. The ice cream sandwich flavor, their most popular, is mixed with Oreos and Bailey’s.

Liberty Burger milkshake

Try Liberty Burger’s adult milkshakes

At Lotus, ask about the honey turmeric martini they have created especially for this article.

At Rendezvous Bistro there are two dessert cocktails to choose from. There’s the chocolate espresso martini, with Stoli Vanil, Bailey’s, and Kahlua. Also, there’s the café bistro, which flavors coffee with Bailey’s, Kahlua, and brandy.

The Silver Dollar Bar & Grill has a selection of warm, boozy desserts for your palate. Choose the hot apple pie, with Tuaca and hot cider, or the Snuggler, which combines hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps. The coconut warmer flavors hot cocoa with New Amsterdam Coconut Vodka and Coco Lopez. If you need a pick me up from your food coma, try the Keoke Coffee, with brandy and kahlua, or the Silver Dollar Irish coffee, with Jameson and Bailey’s.


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