Stacy owns Fisher Fitness, a personal training studio in Jackson, WY. From her meat and potatoes upbringing in the Midwest, Stacy has been on a lifelong cooking journey to create healthy foods that don't taste "healthy" to better counsel her personal training clients. She has since then tasted, tested, passed and failed many recipes. It brings her great joy when her clients realize that food can taste delicious without butter. Stacy is completely incapable of measuring ingredients or baking, holds infamous sushi parties, and would eat buffalo short ribs everyday if her body allowed.10 Articles

From Park City, to Tahoe, to Jackson I found myself floating like a snowflake from one ski town to the next. But once I arrived in Jackson in 2006 I knew that this was home. Growing up ski racing and traveling the world, from a young age I learned to love all sorts of food and at least try everything once. I loved being in the kitchen with my mom and grandmother when I was home, and got my kitchen work ethic from them. Some of my favorite dishes I often refer to as “the kitchen sink”, everything from the fridge, no recipe, just winging it and throwing in what moves me. Now I spend most of my time chasing my husband and two little boys around the mountains we call home. We love digging in the dirt, cruising through the farmers markets and cooking outside. My house and kitchen are always open and often filled with laughter from family and friends.8 Articles

Nina is originally from Massachusetts, but don’t call her a Masshole. She moved to Jackson four years ago after spending a year living in Croatia upon graduating from Yale. Dissatisfied with post-college and post-Croatia life in Boston, she decided to move to Jackson … maybe just for a year. Famous last words. Four years later, she is still here, working as a copy editor for the Jackson Hole Daily, skiing, trail running, playing hockey and trying to spend as much time outside as possible. She lacks both the desire and patience to cook or learn how, and her kitchen cabinets are comprised primarily of wine glasses from the dollar store and free coffee mugs. Takeout, prepared foods and eating out are her lifelines, so she writes for Dishing from a non-foodie’s perspective. She loves sports, brunch, pizza, crossword puzzles and Eastern Europe and is partial to champagne and margaritas, but sometimes nothing beats a cold beer after a hockey game or a long day of skiing.6 Articles

Living in Denver, Colorado, with family in Jackson Hole, Izzy Haggar is a 16 year old with a passion for cooking and food. After learning how to cook from her grandmother, Izzy took notes about food on her recent travels, including living six months abroad in Ireland. She cooks dinner for her family almost every night, and hopes to continue to travel the world in pursuit of good eating.4 Articles

Jenn is a beauty publicist-turned freelance writer currently writing about beauty, travel, food, cocktails and wellness for top national and regional outlets. Her work has appeared in Dishing Park City Magazine,,,,,,,, Salt Lake City Weekly Newspaper, Nail It! Magazine and more. She lives for traveling, eating cheese, chasing sunsets, drinking coffee on sun-drenched porches and shopping for quirky foreign beauty products.2 Articles

Maggie moved east to discover the joys of a white Christmas and an amazing landscape in in the Wyoming Range. Like many other residents, she never got around to moving back and now calls Jackson home. Finding her passion in food and hospitality, she enjoys cooking delightful breakfasts for her guests and the occasional dinner when she’s not serving in town.1 Articles

From Venezuela, but raised in Texas, Karina Finol is passionate about travel and food. Living in Florence, Italy after college gave her a travel bug that keeps her seeking new adventures to this day. Currently spending some time in Jackson Hole after a year in New York City has allowed Karina to explore her love of writing, photography and of course food! Though Karina has been in the advertising and media industry for the past 7 years, she spends her free time working on her blog Articles

Debbie Rizzo is a public relations specialist with more than 18 years of experience working on national campaigns for spirits, wine, beer, food and lifestyle brands. Debbie specializes in beverage public relations, mixology and bartender relations, event planning, brand development and strategy and bar/sales consulting. Debbie founded Drink PR, a boutique, full service public relations agency in 2000. Her recipe for success is no secret. She is: 1 part tenacity - 2 parts passion - A healthy dash of creativity - A bit of zest for garnish - Stir for success - Mixes well with others DRink PR, headquartered in Jackson, WY and San Francisco, CA with consultants in Los Angeles, New York City, Boston and Austin. She works with some of the nation’s most notable spirits and beverage brands, bars and restaurants.