Out & About: Town Square Tavern Gets Fresh with Fruit Concoctions


fresh fruit, cocktail, muddled drink, town square tavern, jackson hole bars, drink specials, dishing jh, dishing jackson holeFresh-fruit cocktails harken to beautiful days, relaxing and patios. Throw in a smiley bartender with a penchant for jokes, a variety of complementing liquors and the summer love bug has bitten.

When I heard the Town Square Tavern was whipping up muddled fruit cocktails on Wednesday nights, I at once jumped at the chance to taste one of Kyle’s concoctions. Then I immediately bemoaned the timing, as Wednesday is the worst possible day for me to plan anything.

As luck would have it, Kyle offered to do a special tasting for me on a day that better suited my schedule. Thus I found myself Thursday night bellied up to the Tavern’s granite counter top with a personalized menu in front of me.

With names like Patio Pleaser, I’m Your Huckleberry and Afternoon Delight, I was intrigued.fruit cocktail, town square tavern, bars in jackson hole, dishing jh, dishing jackson hole, out & about, drink of the week

Kyle explained to me that he got the idea because the price of berries is so silly cheap right now and he wanted to do something different to draw the crowds in on Wednesday nights. As he was regaling me with his inspiration, Kyle set to work pulling out large tubs of berries (which he explained cost him as little as $2), mixing them with citrus fruits, such as strawberries with lemons or huckleberries with limes, and muddling them with simple syrup. After adding in the liquor, he set to work shakin’ ’em up. Adding in a splash of fizziness, such as soda water, 7-Up or ginger ale, he then poured the concoctions through a strainer, ensuring small bits such as seeds wouldn’t make it into my drink and inevitably into my teeth. After garnishing with slices of citrus or a berry, Kyle presented me with fresh-fruit heaven.

Sweet, but not with the saccharine-like quality that can come from artificially flavored drinks, all three concoctions held my taste buds captive right to the bottom of the glass. They were almost dangerously good.

Every Wednesday, from 7 p.m. until he runs out of ingredients through the end of this month, Kyle will be muddling away to present these amazing beverages. He makes three different fresh-fruit cocktails each week, so every Wednesday will bring a new combination.

Drink of the Week: The Patio Pleaser. Though it doesn’t have any berries, the combination of lemon and orange doesn’t bear the citrus overload one may expect. Sweet but with a hint of tang, I had a smile on my face the entire time I was sipping.patio pleaser, dishing jh, dining jh, dishing jackson hole, town square tavern, drink of the week

Stop in this Wednesday for $1 off an “On the Sweet Side … with Kyle” cocktail when you tell him you read about it on Dishingjh.com. And don’t forget about the Tavern’s 50% off happy hour from 5 to 7 p.m. daily.


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