Out & About: Relax, Debrief and Unwind with Pica’s Margarita


pica's, pica's mexican taqueria, margherita, mexican food, dining jackson hole, restaurants jackson hole, drink of the week, dishing jackson holeIt’s a sunny, unseasonably warm April afternoon. You just hiked High School Butte. Where do you end up?


(Of course.)

Pica’s Mexican Taqueria is a perfect spot to refuel and refresh from whatever takes a bite out of you during your day. Most people know this eatery for its tasty food — their burritos and tostadas are a force to be reckoned with for a fresh dinner that satisfies. And of course many people love their amazing lunch specials: tasty, affordable and fast.

As soon as I step in the building and experience the smell of fresh food on the grill, the sound of Bob Dylan’s voice beckons me to sit down, relax and sip something refreshing. I’m at ease and as the sun streams in the windows I couldn’t be happier taking a load off my feet while I peruse the Daily and devour some hot and perfectly salted chips with guacamole. It’s my go-to impromptu spot for any post-activity debriefing with friends.

Pica’s is friendly to everyone but one major plus for locals is that they do not close for the off-season. They’ll be offering impressive specials in a few weeks so stay tuned.

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The Drink of the Week: Their margarita, of course. This thing is famous here in Jackson-Town! Fresh-squeezed limes and lemon juice and a touch of orange juice are what makes this standard become a favorite with everyone who tries it. A splash of simple syrup harmonizes the sourness of the lemon and lime, mix it all with a healthy amount of  tequila and triple sec and you have the perfectly balanced spring beverage.


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Alice likes people and food a lot. That’s why she’s excited to pursue this new adventure with Dishing! She thinks visiting with the people of this fine town while sipping a cocktail, trying a new dish or maybe even dancing is a fantastic way to spend an evening. Alice loves to bring the theatre out in her food experience, wherever that may be. Living in Southern Italy for five years before arriving in Wyoming, she finds her happy place with wine in hand, making Limoncello while feeding fresh pasta and a mean Tiramisu to her friends while humming (loudly) “’O Sole Mio”.

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