A New Kind of Bar Hopping


There is no shortage of bars in Jackson Hole. And I am not talking about the watering hole kind, but the ones that serve up salads. You can get a cold one at these salad bars that may not quench your thirst or give you a buzz, but I assure will be just as satisfying and better for your health.

The proliferation of hot bars and cold salad bars is a trend that I am happy to see more of. In less time, and at less of a cost, you can fill a plate or bowl with a fresh variety of ingredients or pre-made creations. They have become a staple for many people’s lunch breaks or a quick grab-n-go for a picnic on the Square or office cubicle.jwg salad

There is something very “American” about the look and feeling of a good salad bar. It is a virtual “melting pot” of ingredients both in color and cultural background. Curried tofu, Mediterranean feta, Spanish olives, Chinese noodles, and those tiny looking corncobs from who knows where. A good salad bar reflects a world of freedom, choice and innovation. It beckons one to come build, and make their meal dreams come true.

These self-serve havens can satisfy a modest appetite, an immense one, a picky one,  allergic/aversion/intolerant ones, and everything in between. The salad bar concept allows one to mix and match a box of deliciously, and personally concocted ingredients. Create your masterpiece however you want it.

Jackson Whole Grocer has the best of both worlds, having cold bar offerings with a wide variety of local, fresh, and creative options and toppings, while also having a fully stocked hot bar with a options such as Mac & Cheese, homemade soups, pot stickers, and caramelized roasted vegetables. The best part– it’s all priced on weight and if you plan strategically you can create a healthy salad and still get a healthy dose of pasta of the side.

Lucky’s Market also has an impressive salad spread, offering a variety of eye candy colorful salad offerings. Here you can opt to make your own salad to your complete specifications, or skip the work of self-crafting and go for their pre-made versions such as the Chinese Chicken salad (a local favorite).

Pearl Street and Aspen’s Market also have impressive and Instagram worthy salad bars. At these sister locations, they offer sweet potatoes, mesquite chicken, slow roasted roma tomatoes, and the like. They also offer a variety of unique and delicious grains such as farro and quinoa, allowing you to turn your salad bar visit into a B.Y.O. grain bowl.salad bar

Bubba’s, Jackson’s long-standing barbecue joint, also has an enormous, and classically American salad bar for those looking to accompany a ranch smothered salad with a slap of BBQ meat, or a rack of ribs to nosh on as a main course. The traditional offering of stainless steel hotel pans, filled to the brim with hard boiled eggs, cheddar cheese, pickled beets and creamy dressings are configured double sided so that there is no wait in line in the hustle-bustle of this iconic Jackson restaurant. Bubba’s salad bar has just about everything you could ever dream of, as well as those of nightmares—giggly jello bits, cottage cheese and slices of canned mandarin oranges—but ultimately, the choice is yours to decide what you create!

Before a night of bar-hopping, why not indulge in a hopping of a different kind. It’s fun, it’s delicious, it’s cheap, and it makes for some really cool #awesomesaladshots.


About Author

Cora, a food lover and Jackson Hole native, has grown up in the thick of all things dining. With a restaurant owner as a father, she spent her childhood years exploring the ins and outs of the food and beverage industry. Cora left the mountains to attend Santa Clara University in California and double majored in communications and sustainability. With a deep passion for travel, Cora spent her months after college traveling the world and strengthening her love for cooking, food, and a glass of red wine. Now working at restaurants across the valley, Cora can often be spotted at one of our many beloved dining hot spots, the farmers market, or the yoga studio.

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