A Million Ways to Eat Brussels Sprouts


Okay, so maybe there aren’t a million ways to prepare Brussels sprouts, but it sure would appear that way with the variety of preparations available on Jackson menus. In recent years, Brussels sprouts have become a year-round staple on restaurant menus. They’ve come a long way from the stinky stereotype that once plagued the vegetable. What used to make the majority cringe is now being ordered as an appetizer, a side, in salads, and accompanying entrees. Pick your poison, with this guide you can enjoy your sprouts any way you prefer. brussels sprout hash

For Breakfast

Start the day with Persephone’s sweet potato and Brussels sprout hash. The slightly sweet and savory flavors here are melded together with a garlic cream sauce. Complete this breakfast dish by adding an egg on top. When you’re talking about the most important meal of the day, this option is the perfect balance of fuel and flavor.

An Appetizer

At Gather, the hearty vegetable is given an air of lightness. The sprouts are served with pecorino, cranberries and balsamic vinegar. Sweet, salty and savory, this dish is a perfect thing to snack on while enjoying a drink at the bar or before dinner. Want the recipe? Find it in an earlier blog post, here.brussels sprouts

Savory Salad

Perusing the salad menu at Snake River Brewing, it would appear they have a dish that’s married the Caesar salad with the Brussels sprout. Here, the charred Brussels sprouts are shaved, creating a unique texture similar to lettuce. Tossed with apple wood smoked bacon, croutons, parmesan, and white anchovy Caesar dressing, it’s then topped with tobacco onions for a little crunch.


A few years ago, Lay’s potato chips came out with a slogan that challenged, “Bet you can’t have just one!” I find myself in a similar predicament here: Brussels sprouts are a side option at some of the best restaurants in town. Try as I may to narrow it down to one, I compromised with three.

Local- Although listed under the sides, I could easily order a couple portions of these and be completely content for dinner. These crispy sprouts are served in a cast iron skillet with toasted walnuts and honey lemon vinaigrette. Pair them with a succulent steak for dinner or make them a happy hour snack.

Osteria – This side dish was one of the originals in Jackson that started the fried Brussels sprouts trend. First flash fried, then served with a tangy pomegranate glaze, this is a can’t miss dish at Il Villaggio Osteria.brussels sprouts

White Buffalo Club- Large portions are the norm at the WBC, and their portion of Brussels sprouts is no exception. This side is spruced up with red miso, sesame seeds and puffed rice. They are the perfect accompaniment for any of the mouthwatering USDA Prime steaks.

Elevating Entrees

As well as this hearty vegetable pairs with red meat, Brussels sprouts enhance the flavor of fish as well. At Hayden’s Post, their trout almandine is served with home fries, fried Brussels sprouts, pomegranate glaze, browned butter, and almonds. The crispy sprouts lend a nice textural variety and necessary greenery to the tender fish meat.

So now my only question is: who will be the first to incorporate Brussels sprouts into dessert?



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