Try the Trout, Round Two


Last week, we showcased a variety of trout starters to kick off your meal. Now, we’re diving into entrees that make trout the main event, the show stopper. Grilled, blackened, fried, whatever your fancy, trout is the versatile fish that won’t leave you disappointed.

Atop the East Gros Ventre Butte, Amangani diners enjoy an unimpeded view of the newly snowcapped peaks surrounding the valley. Amangani also boasts some of the freshest meat and seafood in Jackson, and the trout is no exception. Their filet of trout is accompanied with roasted vegetables, vertical harvest greens, and fregola.

For now, the Blue Lion’s infamous rack of lamb will have to step aside and let the menu’s trout item enjoy the spotlight. The Blue Lion allows you some customization on your Idaho trout, as diners may select from a sauce of dun dried tomato-basil caper butter, or choose to have their trout blackened with Cajun spices. If you’d rather minimize your decision-making, go with the tequila lime Idaho trout dish. This pan seared trout is topped with a tequila lime cilantro crème that is both bright and satisfying.

Sidewinders has a menu to please every palate, so why wouldn’t there be some trout on there? They’re spicing up their blackened rainbow trout with Cajun seasoning, then cooling it down with fresh pico de gallo and lemon. This entrée comes with your choice of two sides, and is only $16.

If you didn’t already start your meal at the Silver Dollar Bar & Grill with their house smoked trout starter, served with pickled tomatoes, onions, lemon-dill cream, and grilled ciabatta, then don’t pass up the stealhead either. This citrus sage grilled trout is served with fingerling potatoes, bacon, sweet corn, roasted pepper and spinach hash.

Silver Dollar Trout

Restaurants around town are utilizing various techniques and styles to present trout to its diners. The White Buffalo Club actually grills their trout. The grilled trout with shiitake butter is served with Napa cabbage bok choy slaw, yuzu kosho, and a dashi emulsion. Here, the slaw adds that brightness and acidity that pairs well with the fish’s natural flavor.



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