5 Wine Services You Didn’t Know Bin22 Provides


How familiar are you with your favorite downtown wine bar and restaurant, wine shop and specialty market, Bin22? Today is National Malbec Day, and while we need no specific reason to drink wine on any particular day, it’s an added excuse to become more familiar with some of the extensive, personalized wine services Bin22 provides.

The wine experts at Bin22 are led by Jeremy Walker, Bin22’s general manager, and Neil Loomis, wine and beverage director for Fine Dining Restaurant Group. Both have an extensive knowledge of and passion for all things wine, and are a great resource when it comes to connecting food and wine together for your dining experience.

1. Alcohol delivery

Both Bin22 and Bodega, in Teton Village, offer alcohol delivery to your home or office. A minimum order of $50 is required. This alcohol can include liquor, wine or beer, and there is no delivery charge. Deliveries are limited to the Town of Jackson for Bin22 and Teton Village for Bodega. Delivery time is determined by present staff load. The more notice you can give the folks there, the better, but this service can also save the day if you forget something last-minute.bin22

2. Case discounts

At Bin22, it’s beneficial to buy in bulk. Automatically, purchasing one case of wine earns you a 15 percent discount. If you buy six or more cases, you’ll receive a 20 percent discount.

3. Personalizing wine buying

The services at Bin22 are personalizing the wine buying experience. The Bin22 vintner team aims to “make the wine buying experience approachable, convenient, fun and completely unique to you.” This includes their personal wine buying program and cellar stocking program. Whatever your intended wine drinking experience, the team will hand-pick wine selections to fit your personal preferences and price point. In addition, the team is fully able to help wine-lovers build at-home collections. With a one-on-one consult, the Bin22 team will “help build a robust, meaningful collection of wines.”bin22

4. Pick a bottle, drink a bottle

Many locals will know that Bin22 does not take reservations. Their community tables add to the tapas atmosphere of the wine bar, and allows you ample opportunity to bond with your group or your neighbors. Sometimes, however, there’s a little bit of a wait. Fortunately, with Bin22’s in-house wine shop, you can select a bottle of wine and sip it while you wait. Also, any bottles of wine selected in the wine shop can be paired with your dinner at Bin22 for no corkage fee. Now that’s an extensive wine selection!

5. Wine club

Want to be the first to know about special events, wine tastings and discounts? Then the easiest thing to do is join Bin22’s free wine club. Sign-up is simple: register online here. Then, twice per month, wine club members will receive a Deal of the Day email. Deals of the Day offer 22 percent off a featured wine, for one day only. For example, yesterday, wine club members received a 22 percent discount on bottles of the Bodega Goulart malbec.

For more on building a wine collection, email Jeremy Walker at bc@jhfinedining.com; for information on one-on-one consults or specialized wine orders, email Neil Loomis at neil@jhfinedining.com.bin22


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